Monday, January 7, 2013

What is your Hobby Work area like?

So as I have been chatting with my fellow hobbyist both online and off. Something interesting came up about our hobby area's. It seems that all of us have very different hobby area's, and hobby practices. We could talk for several articles about fitting hobby time in to your real life schedule, but after looking at some people's hobby area's online, Especially Lantz's fancy area which is the picture above, I realized that our labs for creating our tiny armies are all over the place. Something I never thought about in the past. Look at Lantz's set up he has a very respectable man area going on there with dual monitors and hobby space consuming an entire room. He even has a little tree going on.. So it made me really wonder what type of area everyone has or uses? However I will start off by sharing my work space. 

BOOM!!! I got a tree too TAKE THAT LANTZ!!! Not what you expected? I think that might be the point. My Hobby is broken up into sections, this is what I use as my work area. Well actually this is a nice "out of site out of mind" storage for my work area. Let's take a closer look as I explain a bit. 

Inside my completely wife approved cabinet. I have two shelves where I store things I am currently working on. I'll go through it real quick and do a bit of show and tell. 

The top shelf is normally my little mobile work area with tools and whatever I am currently working on or most of what I am currently working on. 

On the right you can see a organ tank of death. It was one of the first tanks I ever built and it needs some love and fixing.. It's a project that I always neglect so I recently moved it there as a reminder to actually do something with it. The Bastion and the Defense lines are new project that are just waiting some final clean up then a primer coat. There are some random bags with bits, and if you look close you can prob see the instant mold I am always experimenting with for different results. 

The wooden circle is my mobile work area. I normally take this piled with tools and random things I am using to the kitchen table. The round board protects the table from my hobby knife, and glue. It also provides a quick tray to stack what I am working on and put it all away until next time. 

The bottom shelf looks much worse in the picture than in real life lol. Let's take a quick look at the bottom shelf. 

This is some baby bag for something? I am all about recycling so I ended up using it as my mobile paint station.. Just like the wooden circle above. 

If you remove the bag you can see some stored paints of various types that I am not currently using for anything. 

The bag itself is full of paints and normally makes up most the colors I am currently using for different projects.

A large bag of all kinds of brushes sits on top of the paints. I basically use this just like my hobby circle. I carry it to my desk or the kitchen table. and work on whatever project I am currently doing. Then at a stopping point I pack it all up and put it away until later. 

The rest of the bottom shelf is mostly various basing supplies or hobby tid bits. Flock, cork, guitar string, tubing and lots of other things I use but I am not naming I am sure. 

This is again what I consider my hobby area. If I am going to spray paint or use my airbrush I do so in the garage.. I don't have any fancy set up I usually just open the door and use a box. My air brush is stored in my tool box. Hobby things I am not currently working on or that are complete take up space on shelves and in boxes in my basement. I have lots of  sprues and random stuff down there. I try to only bring up bitz relative to what I am currently working on to store in this cabinet to help keep it clean and at least semi organized. 

I actually have found I really like this set up, It helps me with time management because I tend to think of projects with stopping points. So I can chip away at projects between real life schedules. Also I can easily transfer something I am doing to a t.v. tray while watching t.v. or a movie with the wife. It all just depends on what is going on. 

What type of Hobby set up do you have? Do you have your own Room? Do you have multiple rooms? Has the plastic crack consumed your house and life? Do you have a shoe box in your dorm room? I am actually very curious so please feel free to comment or link to your hobby area. 


  1. That's a very nice set up. I have a small room in the basement I share with the wife. She actually got me the two posters from the HH series for fallen angels and decent of angels and had them nicely framed. I have a desk and cabinet and 2 shelves. In the main part of the basement I have one set of double shelves that holds all my terrain and the terrain table I made is so light that I can hang it on the wall like a piece of art when not in use. Several people who don't know me that well have asked where we got that cool art on the wall. I should really fire off some pics of the set up. Thanks for the idea. I'll definitely share that in a later post.

    1. I look forward to seeing the post about your set up Zab

  2. I have a small desk in a corner of the bedroom. When my wife is home, I usually bring whatever I am using out to the living room so I'm not in a little corner all by myself. It works for now, but we are hoping to get an apartment with an extra bedroom to use as a workspace for both of us to share. I can't wait to have a bigger space for stuff like this so I can actually have a place for everything.

    1. Regardless of what set up you end up with, it is very nice to have a place for everything. This is my way of keeping uncluttered but I can't lie, the storage in my basement needs to be gone through and organized it's been awhile.

  3. My wife has the desk in the bedroom for her painting station. I'm using the dining room at the moment, but have to clear up when we have guests or I want a game.

    The study is my space for the computer and books. There's some discussion of getting me a painting table in here, but it would be a bit squashed...

    1. Having to clean up when company came over or for large meals at the table actually sparked my current set up.

  4. Apparently the first time I commented it didn't go through due to too much awesomeness on the internet:
    My tree could kick your tree's ass.

    1. My tree... is a lover not a fighter.

  5. Me and my girl share a table that is about 140x90 centimeters. My Part is mostly all messed up with models everywhere, while her part is mostly clean with nothing more than a unit or two. But i don't have a tree... I think i need a tree :P

    1. You totally need a tree man. They give you +1 to fresh air, and + 1 to shading. Also they unlock the well decorated achievement.