Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wargames Factory - Shock Troops Review

I have heard people talk about this kit several different places, including on 11th company from time to time. So I decided to pick one up to check out if it was truly worth the savings or not? 

The kit get's so much attention because of the cost savings. You get 18 models for 16 dollars through the Warstore. I am sure you can get them anyplace for around the same price give or take 5 dollars or so. However when we compare this to the GW price for IG troops which runs around 30 dollars for 10. The price different right away shows you why these might get your attention if you are building a IG force. However as much as we all complain about GW costs.. GW makes some good models so how do these hold up? Let's take a quick look.

The box is pretty solid as you can see with even a few pictures of some paint schemes of the models on the back. 

The sprues are pretty solid and they are designed to stack on each other with these tiny legs so they don't get smashed. It does make the sprues easy to stack when not in the box for storage which was interesting.

It comes with 6 of these sprues in the box.

Each Sprue comes with the parts to put together 3 guys. As well as several optional parts, and weapons. I was surprised by this. I was really expecting to end up with 18 guys that all look the same. 

Just as a quick example each sprue comes with 14 head options for the 3 guys again for the price I was surprised by this. Now there was some Cons to the kit, first off the detail isn't on par with a GW kit. However I won't say if its good or bad personally until I can get a few painted. 

When I put the heads together I had to cut the neck ball down because it seemed too large and made the models look awkward. 

Also they suffer from Green Army men Syndrome. They have that board on the feed and they aren't really designed to stand without that thing. I ended up cutting this plastic board off of all the models I built which was much more time consuming than I thought it would be.

Here is a quick shot of three of the models complete. As you can see they don't look too bad. Another thing to keep in mind is these models do not come with bases of any kind. So you will have to come up with your own bases. 

These aren't the best pictures just some quick ones. I will put up some more detailed pictures once I get a few of these painted so you guys can see a finished product to fully judge. 

Also a quick shot for size comparison. The model on the left doesn't have the cork on the base. As you can see though the models are pretty close if not the right scale to use for 40k. 

How do I feel so far?

They took much longer to build than a GW kit and while they had more options than I expected. They still didn't offer the ability to get as many poses as I would have from a GW kit. They aren't bad by any means but not as detailed either as I pointed out before. Over all they are a good buy for the money. They will take a bit more time to get a good result, but if your looking to save some serious cash and put a ton of IG boots on the ground without pawning your mom's TV then they are a solid option you should consider. I'll post up some pictures once I have them painted up. Honestly though while I would recommend them I won't be picking any more up I don't think. My hobby time is short, and while they save a ton of money, I really want to have the more detailed models at the end of the day as I am trying to focus on improving my hobby skills and my final product currently. So again it is about your goal at the moment I think. 

 If any of you have any hands on experiences with the models please feel free to comment below. Also if you have any questions or feel I missed something you wanted to know about the KIT feel free to ask.


  1. These good cheap figs for building large IG armies. I like optional chaos mutation bits too.

    I used one of their Zoidberg squid heads on my Mariners Blight Termie Lord.

    1. That cool Head is one of my favorite parts of the kit. Not sure what I will use them for though lol. To the bitz box they will go though.

  2. I have only painted up three of these from my box thus far for an Inquisimunda team. The faceless "Jin Ro" type helmets really gave me the feel that they'd make for good Inquisition troopers. They painted up pretty easily and look way better for it.
    My only real complaints are twofold:

    1. The hand sculpts are pretty horrible. The left hands made to hold rifles look like bunches of bananas. I checked a mate's set and his were the same so it must be a crud design thing.

    2. Those pistols are a joke. No really, they are rediculous looking.

    (If yer interested in looking - I posted mine up a while back here -

    1. Very good point about the hands, I should have mentioned that. Thanks for pointing that out!

    2. Thanks for the link as well, always good to see how they turned out for other people.

  3. I've been using the torsos as the basis for the Skitarii for my Ad-Mech, and they seem to work okay. Cheap and cheerful additions to the bits box, but on the whole they're about a B- as far as sculpting and detail go.

    The multitude of heads is a major plus, but as Dai mentioned the arms and hands are a low point on the kit.

    1. Linky so we can see how they turned out?

  4. I used them as a base for my iron legion IG.
    I play them as veterans in storm coats.
    I just kitbashed cadian arms & pig iron heads onto the shock troop body.

    Pic on my blog:

    1. Thanks for the pictures I'll link back to them when I post up the painted version of mine. More examples for people to look at before committing to buy a product are always a plus!

  5. Holy hell, those are cheap. I'm planning to expand my IG (currently I have a few different variations of allies available made from my autogun cultists, but I don't have enough for blob squads). These will go really great mixed in with cultists and cadians, maybe with some bit swapping to really make them all look comfortable together.

    I'll just need to get some bits for special weapons (and it looks like this kit comes with grenade launchers) and a few more heavy weapons squads to get my army where I want them. I will probably pick up one box of cadians and maybe some bits from ebay to make them look a little better.

    These guys would also make a good base for zombies, you can find zombie heads designed for IG fairly cheaply, and by reposing their arms and maybe tossing in some zombie parts from mantic or GW and you've got a really affordable blob of flesh hungry monsters.

    1. Very cheap brother! that's why people talk about this kit. If you end up building some up let us know how they turn out!!

    2. I just discovered the FW renegade arms kit, planning to pick up like 4 of those and 2 boxes of these guys in the near future.