Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Holiday Break over!! Get back to Hobby!!

The holiday are filled with presents, drinking, laughing, parties, and visiting family. There is a ton of hustle and  a bit of hassle. We tend to over do it on everything. Too much drinking. Too much food we shouldn't be eating. Too much spending on presents. Too much partying. However it's the end of the year so we throw caution to the wind since we only live once.. unless your a zombie.. or Jesus.. OR Zombie Jesus!!!

Already though the holidays seem so far away as the haze fades and we get back into the theme of going to work for full work weeks, and trying to keep track of how many new year's resolutions we already broke. For myself the holidays is exhausting if you haven't caught on. So the Hobby takes a back seat to family, which is the way it should be truth be told. I am not upset about it just need to get back on the hobby horse so to speak.. 

2013 is going to be a great year hobby wise I can feel it already. I have tons of hobby ambition and (knock on wood) plans for the year to push my hobby limits and do some projects I have been putting off. This last weekend was the first time I was able to do anything this year and while I have the painting itch I spent the time building. I have a chance to play this saturday at a local event so I am hoping to have everything built to test run a new list concept. I took some quick snap shots for you guys so, Let's see what I got done.  

I built three of the shock troop models originally while doing my review of the product. So I was able to go back and throw together the other 15 and get them completed and ready for priming.

I also was able to get the arms done and set up for my second dread who is now ready to be repainted to match my paint scheme the other one has. Base colors done and the base is mostly done, just need to do the Grey and gold layers now..The arms are cleaned up and also ready for priming.

I built a Icarus lascannon to take some shots at pesky flyers this weekend, so now the cannon and the Defense Line are also .. you guessed it.. Ready for priming.

I finished my cleaning up my Marbo who I don't know if will make the cut for saturdays game, but he is also ready for priming. 

Over all not shabby for a weekends work. I am currently working on a Vendetta now, I hope to have it put together and possibly primed by Saturday as well.. Wish me luck!

What has been your first hobby projects of new year? Hopefully your year so far has been at the very least as productive as my weekend went. If you didn't get the MEMO it's time to get back to HOBBY people..

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