Monday, January 14, 2013

Dark Angel Codex - First Thoughts

So the codex we have all be waiting for is finally out.  Oh wait, sorry, that would be the Tau Codex wouldn't it.  The codex a lot of us have been waiting for is finally out.  Well, I was looking forward to it at least.  I picked mine up early Saturday and have had time to look through it.  So, what sticks out?  Is it a huge pile of cheese or balanced and tasty like a fine scotch.  Too early to tell really, but here is what got my interest...

So the Dark Angels are apparently some kind of giant humans in special armor who used to be lead by John the Lion.  Half of them turned into baddies a long time ago but most died. Something like that, I skimmed the first section.

HQs have a decent characterful selection.  Azrael is the bad ass which is why he's 215 points.  Good stat line including a 2+ save, a 4+ invulnerable that applies to his entire unit and a 6+ feel no pain.  Oh yeah, and fielding him makes everything from the codex leadership 10, plus Ravenwing and Deathwing are troops.  You even get to pick your warlord trait.
At the cheaper end we have the Company Master.  Basically a Space Marine Captain but for 10 points less and with fearless and preferred enemy chaos instead of ATSKNF.  The bargain basement HQ is the librarian though.  65 points for a mastery 1 psyker means this dude will probably show up in a lot of allied forces when people just want to drop in some Deathwing.

Troops offer the normal diverse selections.  Tacticals or Scouts.  OK we are done here.

Well OK, there are some interesting differences.  For one you start to see you actually have to pay if you want a higher leadership/attacks veteran sergeant.  Otherwise your sergeant has the same stat line, but probably more 'shiniest bolter award' purity seals than the other guys.  You can also get a special or heavy weapon with just 5 guys, and yeah they do have the option for flakk missiles.  95 points for 5 dudes in deckchairs backfield and one happens to have a frag/krak/flakk missile launcher?

For the Scout fans, they got a lot cheaper.  Base cost has dropped 15 points without a veteran sergeant.  Additional scouts are cheaper, camo cloaks are cheaper, everything is cheaper aside from the missile launcher (which can also have flakk).  They do lose teleport homers and hellfire rounds in the heavy bolter choice.

Elites start to get fun.  We start with the Company Veterans who are almost Sternguard, but cheaper (can we see a theme going here).  Actually their equipment choices are very different.  They can be set as a close combat squad pretty well, although no jump packs are available.  They are also less shooty than sternguard.  They don't get the selection of bolter ammo and their heavy weapons are significantly more expensive.  Like Chosen over in the Chaos codex, feels like these dudes could get expensive fast.

Then we move on to everyone's favorite, Deathwing.  More expensive than regular termies, but with some extra rules (split fire anyone?), the ability to mix and match the range a close combat options, and plasma cannons thrown in as the icing on the cake.  If you want your close combat termies though you can roll with some Knights.  They are the TH/SS termies on steroids with one small limit.  The unit only get to make their attacks AP2 once.

Dreadnoughts are 5 points cheaper.  Venerable dreadnoughts are 40 points cheaper.  Suck it Space Marines.

Transports are pretty much the same.  Aside from Razorbacks going up 15 points.  Well that really balances things now nobody like those any more.

Fast Attack brings us the gothiness of Ravenwing.

The Ravenwing bike squads are a bit more expensive.  Not by much though and with a few extra rules to compensate (Grim Resolve, Hit and Run, Scout) as well as being able to add in a landspeeder as well as an attack bike.  Oh yeah and these guys have the teleport homers.  Must have stolen them from those wimpy scouts at recess.  

Ravenwing also have an uber option in the form of Black Knights  (tis but a flesh wound).  These are the guys with the plasma talons (18" Tl-plasma guns), a rending hammer on the sergeant, and they all are veterans with skilled rider.  Very nice, but 126 for 3 is pretty steep.  

Ravenwing support are basically landspeeders, but a couple of the weapon options are cheaper.

The first new landspeeder pimp mobile is the Darkshroud.  A funny looking 80 point landspeeder with less weapon options that give things near it shrouding and has stealth itself.  Huh.

Assault squads are also in here.  Would it surprise you if I said they were cheaper.  Not by much and again you have to pay for a veteran sergeant, but there it is again.

Lastly in the overflowing fast attack we have the two flyers.  Yeah, the ones that look like a storm talon but you have to pay $30 more as they have bigger wings.

The Nephilim is 180 points worth of enemy flyer killer that can pop ground targets nicely too with strafing run.  It also has Missile Lock, but not any weapons that scatter?  What am I missing here?

The Dark Talon is cheaper and can hover.  But its strongest weapon is Strength 5.  Six tl-boltguns and a Str 5 blast seem pretty underpowered.

Heavy Support rounds us out with no major surprises.  The Devastators are a bit cheaper and get the Flakk option.  Predators went up in base cost, but down in options.  A destructor may have gone up 15 points, but an annihilator with las sponsons would be 25 points less.  Whirlwinds are..  Oh wait, nobody cares.  Vindicators went up and lost options.  Land Raiders stayed the same, but for 30 points you can make them venerable if they have Deathwing riding inside them.

Oh looky here, the other landspeeder, the Vengeance.  140 points for this pimp mobile with has a plasma gun that shoots heavy 3 or large blast. That there is a very expensive and squishy target.

So who else has had a read through their codex?  What do you all think?


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  1. Good write up :)

    I haven't read the new book yet, but the gist I'm getting is basically everything is cheaper and more powerful :P