Friday, December 7, 2012

Year of the HOTpanda

We interrupt your regular scheduled Chinese Zodiac for this HOT HOT HOT message. "Many of were hoping it was going to be the year of the snake.  Well news flash suckers, I ate the fracking snake!!!  That's right I stuff my fat gut with your lucky snake and let me tell you it was spicy.  Despite having the runs for a week it was well worth the stomach ache.  With the slimy snake out of the picture I am replacing myself, the HOTpanda, as the official representative for 2013.  That's right you freaks and geeks it's the year of the goddamned panda, the year of the HOTpanda!!!  Bring on the PANDAEMONIUM!!!

With the year of the dragon now nothing more than a rotting sack of meat lets have a look at what this reptile did for me.  NOTHING!!!  Absolutely nothing.  The panda or should I say the HOTpanda did go through a whirl wind of crap in terms of the hobby.  My personal blog The Chaos Manifesto rose from the ashes from the very first day of 2012.  Like a phoenix rising from the ashes I blogged like I have never blogged before.  Striving to live up to the Blood of Kittens award for being "who should of won the House of Paincakes Idol" I wanted to live up the persona that I had created during their contest.  Building off the back of my new found fame, I set out to pimp my blog.  Stripping away the g-strings and crack addicts I hire Goatboy to make The Chaos Manifesto a new banner.  When Xzibit was done with my blog it has a clean fresh look to it.
My year was not without its' lows though.  My table top gaming was at an ultimate low as I had recently moved to a new hood; one that was without a local gaming store.  Without being able to roll the dice I was jonesing for the chance to roll some dice.  I did manage to go to get one tournament in.  The first day was a train wreck with me losing two of my games and drawing the other one.  Not exactly the score you would expect out of a pimp like me.  The second day of the tournament saw me taking all three of my opponents down.  Day two was obviously y day as I scored third for sportsmanship and third for painting/modelling!!!  That's right the HOTpanda finished on the podium for soft scores which propelled him to an unexpected Overall Ranking...Eighth place!!!  Left in stasis of shock and awe like the man who married a woman from the 4th dimension, the HOTpanda had placed EIGHT out of SIXTY!!!  Not to shabby for a mammal who has not played Warhammer 40k in the last six months.  So bow down to the almighty bear known as HOTpanda.
Guess there is a silver lining in every cloud as my low for 2012 seems pretty dam good to me.  Speaking of feeling good I was flabbergasted when the blokes here at Standard Template Construct invited me to join them with establishing this killer blog.   I have been having a blast writing here and do not have any plans to stop in the near future.  During the year that was the Twelve Days of Chaos hands down is my favourite series with any one of them being my top post.  The collaborative nature brought out the panda in each of us.  We hope to repeat the success of this series with each and every codex release. The future of the Standard Template Construct is limitless and this Panda is certifies is with luck and fortune.

With luck being on our side I have been blessed by the Dark Gods with the addition of a brand spanking new gaming club in my area.  That means this fat aristocrat of a HOTpanda is going to be getting in his first game of 6th edition and many more.  Driving my inspiration and motivation in a positive direction I have begun working on the expansion of my Renegade Space Wolf army.  To sweeten the deal I have begun working on a traitor guard detachment to accompany them.  Stewing in the background is a my nurgle war band of se7en deadly sinners.  Oh and let us not forgot about one secret project that I have been invited to take part in. So as you can clearly see I have a lot on my plate which translates to a crap tone to blog about.  Needless to say I always have my towel with me as I am truly someone to be reckoned with.  There is little doubt that 2013 is going to be the year of the panda, the year of the HOTpanda.

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