Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Eye of Error 2012 Year In Revierw

2012, what a ride! Hopefully the apocalypse won't be in 2 days when the thirteenth b’ak’tun of the current age comes to an end. However, if decides to impact earth from out of no where or the alien mothership makes contact and enslaves the human race; I would remember 2012 fondly for the few minutes I'm left alive while the earth gets burnt to cinders!

In 2012 I came into my own career wise, family wise and hobby wise. I started my own Design Agency, watched my son grow from a Snotling to a full powered Stormboy, and relocated the entire family to a different state and town that has trees! I changed my avatar name from LuckyNo.5 to The Eye of Error as I felt I out grew the youthfull folly of my early hobby days and matured into a being of pure maleficence! Well, maybe not pure maleficence…but I like my miniatures to look the part at least!

Early in 2012 I was still in my Commorragh soul searching (cough, cough soul stealing) from the 2011 Relaunch of the Dark Kin. In the middle of 2012 I shyed away from Dark Eldar for a while in favor of going back to my Chaotic roots then came back in full force the past few months as I started finishing my Coven List. 

Select Images from my 2012 Dark Eldar Forces.

A unit of Batwing Scourges

Alternative Mandrakes Conversions

A Squad of Reaver jetbikes

A Pair of Razorwing Jetfighters

Asdrubael Vect Conversion

A Dragon with freakin Disintegrator Cannons on it

Multiple Dark Eldar Coven Transports

Custom Grotesque Conversions

A unit of Wracks

A Talos and Cronos

2012 saw the rise of my other Evil force; Mariner's Blight, a maritime inspired Lovecraftian Chaos Marine Army. By combining inspiration from as well as the Cthulhu mythos with 1800's style diving suits and nautical details, I created a new and unique Chaos Force. This army is still in the works, but about 2/3 the way finished.

Select Images from Mariner's Blight

Lord Obeddon Marsh

Defiler Azathoth

Deep Diver Dreadnought 

MK II Tanks, Rhinos, Predator and Vindicator



So what does 2013 hold in store for me? 

Well my wish list article will be up next week, but let's say it involves a lot more Space Elves and a lot more Nautical Evilness! I have several units of Mariners Blight to finish, a whole Wyche List for Dark Eldar I have yet to paint and some  more pointy eared allies for my Dark Kin. There's probably about a dozen models in the works I'm forgetting about at the moment; hopefully I'll get the opportunity to finish them. 

I'm looking at you Nibiru!

More Images of all these units can be found at my Blog


  1. What the end is this friday?! Damn it's not showing up in my outlook - oh, never mind there it is in iCal. So many projects left undone. At least the resin will endure and there will be something to remember us by...Love those raptors BTW.

  2. All your models look amazing! I think the Mariner's Blight are the best though just because they're so original. I'm looking forward to more of those.

  3. outstanding work!!! Making quality progress like that it's a wonder you get anything else at all done.

  4. Consistently some of the best work I come across and the contrast between the clean lines of the Dark Eldar, but also with added gore to the weathered and encrusted Mariners. A visual feast all year round, thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks guys for the compliments! Now that the world didn't end...hopefully I'll have some another post like this next december!