Friday, December 21, 2012

Dear Santa - Drkmorals

Dear Santa,

I know we haven't always seen eye to eye on things, and there are those years you brought me coal. (you funny guy you) I think this year I have been steps above at least the previous years actions, clearly the naughty thing is graded on some type of bell curve because the neighbor kids always get gifts and I think one of them literally has horns and a tail. I know that I tend to sneak up on or hide and scare my kids every chance I get, but it's all in good fun. Even when I embarrass them in front of their friends they eventually forgive me, so I figure you should have by now as well. The dogs still bring me the ball no matter how many times I fake throw it, and they still curl up by my feet no matter how often I sit on the floor so they can watch me eat bacon. Despite what you may have heard I am not responsible for all the office pranks at work or hanging those funny yet unprofessional signs in the bathroom. I cannot confirm nor deny that I know anything about my boss's constant computer issues and email problems. So now that all that is out of the way let's get all "amazon" and talk about a wish list.

Death Corps of Krieg Infantry Models at ease.
Well let's just be realistic you can't be in this hobby and have a wish list without Forgeworld showing up some place so let's just start it there out the gate. Death Corps models are amazing looking, and while I list this squad I would be happy with any/all of the line. To someday have a small Death Corps of Krieg force would be awesome and oddly not something you see overly often. Awesome sculpt if you haven't seen them, before. Forgeworld in general is great looking stuff and honestly you could send me anything and I would happily paint it from them.. but if I had to choose something else...

Since I have a Demon Army I would love to have the Greater Demons from Forgeworld to go with them. I don't care if it means things are worse for me game wise because of size or what not.. I would rock this guy anyway and this would set into motion the same rebuilding process for the Demons that I am currently doing with my Gk's.This guy towers over other models and is a very well done model if you haven't ever seen one in person. This is the type of model that challenges your painting talents so you don't screw up the detail work with your melty crayons.

When it comes to actual Game Workshop kits I would like

IG Plane of shooty broken crap!! 
Who doesn't want or plan to buy one of these with Allies now in effect? You load it out with triple lascannons and for 130 points you have some pretty solid BS(I don't mean Ballistic skill either). Armor 12, transport, twin linked Lascanon's, and you get to make zooming sounds while you push it around.. Yep Epic win pretty much a no brainer for fun unit,

Command Squad..
I might not go with this actual KIT but really any Command Squad is nice so I have the option of again filling in my allies. A Russ kit is really close to over shadowing this because pushing around a armor 14 tank and laughing while it shoots large blasts seems pretty good as well.

Dread Knight
I have one of these but would really like a second or third to run a foot style list from time to time. The models is fantastic fun on the tabletop and can be a problem for several people playing against it. I feel like this model is better in this edition than last, but I almost feel like if your going to go this route you need to run two of these things.

Throne of Fearless man
Throne SMAASH!!! Yeah the model is fun and I would totally test out this guys ability to make my henchmen blobs fearless while dropping suicide style orbital strikes on things. But I just can't bring myself to buy this basically just for fun model at GW prices... Santa feel free to hook a brother up!!!

Finally a Warmachines box. Choir of Menoth
This kit would be fantastic for psykers either for my IG allies or my henchmen and again it's about having models I enjoy playing with and options to bring to the tabletop depending on my mood. The God man on the throne of gold is all about converting people to his cause right? Why not some warmachine planets as well?

Let's go outside the core company

Assault cannon bits or GATLING TURRET from puppetswar
Again this is about options.. I am in the process of making Assault cannons for my Razors, but it would just be nice to have the bitz so I don't have to mess with it Santa.. The Christmas gift of lazy!!

Soda Pop Fire guys
I don't have this core game.  I do enjoy the silly Anime models.. but I just honestly would like to paint these.. I would end up using them as Vehicle Wreck markers!!! ... Don't judge me when a lascannon shot makes your vehicle become a flaming wreck of scrap... but your flame is a cute Fire Monster. It's my game too and I'll enjoy it in any way I like.

Kingdom of Death.. Kickstarter
I was unable to jump on this because of the timing of it I just don't have the extra funds this year. Kingdom of Death is very quickly becoming Forgeworld to me. They do outstanding jobs with the models and I would happily take any of it to paint. I tend to try to only buy stuff I can actually use for something as a way to keep my hobby spending in check as much as possible. I don't want to have tons of kits I haven't gotten to, plus kits I painted that I don't actually do anything with if I can help it.

Secret Weapon Pigments..
The only thing on this list that for sure will get ordered. I really want to take my hobby to the next level and Mr, Justin has the goods to do so. I am actually excited about this and this will be the first place my Christmas money ends up! ( I should go ahead and apologize now to Mr. Justin as I am sure I will hound him with questions about getting good results with these. He is so helpful though!! )

Tiny Bricks!!!
I want these so bad, and the only reason I haven't picked any up.. I haven't a clue what I would do with them. So they completely get halted by my don't buy things I don't plan on using rule I mentioned above... I might put in a small order with the pigments since I am ordering anyway.... but.. then I might have to get less pigments/washes... Choices choices...

Anyway that's it Santa the only other thing you could throw in is a Juggernaught of Khorn for a conversion I am doing. Or Bitz.. I mean who can have to many bitz so fill free to fill my stocking with the juggy and bitz..


  1. Nice wish list, I was initially surprised to see the lord of change on there with all the rest of the imperial goodness, but then I realized you had a Deamon army too. Yes he certainly will challenge anyones painting skills... but the final result will be something to be proud of.

  2. I have only been playing GKs a little over a year. Before that it was basically all demons. I started the army as shift and to take something a bit more balanced to events. I did we'll with demons I can't complain plus they are fun to play, but it was time to start a project with my new hobby skills in mind and play something that didn't have auto lose match ups lol