Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dark Angel New Goodies

In case you haven't seen, the new White Dwarf is full of Dark Angels.  The link below will take you to a lot more photos of pages with assorted troops including Deathwing Knights and a command squad, Black Knight bikes and a Ravenwing command squad and flyers including vengeance  landspeeders and some bigger flyer that looks like a bigger storm talon.

Apparently the first posts were on Dakka and these gents were the first to broadcast it to the civilized world.  Not that I'm implying anything about Dakka.  :)

What does everyone think of these new offerings?  To be honest I really don't like these heavy land speeders.  Bikes with twin-linked plasma guns is nice though, and all the Deathwing looks good.  Very detailed models and they all look to be up to the excellent standards of GW plastic.  Of course with the likely prices they need to be excellent.

And the flyer?  I like it, definitely be picking one of those up! 


  1. Chaplain =yes
    flyer =yes
    deathwing =yes
    bikers =okay, good-ish
    new landspeeders =NO ugh, just no.

  2. That landspeeder thing is awful. The flyer looks pretty cool, like a better storm talon.

  3. I like the death wing Terminators and the flyers... the rest... meh. It's cool, but probably not for me.

    1. They're not evil, so you can't have them. So there.

  4. I think that Chaos got shafted, again. How come DA gets all these new models on top of the Dark Vengeance new models and Chaos hasn't even had it's full line released yet?

    Whinging aside, some of this is cool - new flyer looks interesting, like an Aquila Lander mated with a Storm Talon, but otherwise there seems to be quite a few really static poses in there, which is a shame.

  5. Um. Thanks for the plug.

    I did post a reference to the origins of the pics (from ZombieDK of Dakkadakka).

    It's at the end of the post (guess I should move it up to be clearer)

  6. I'm less thinking about the models currently (only because I've got such a M****R F*****G long list of stuff to buy, stupid flyers), and more curious whats going to happen with weapon loadouts in the new book. I do kinda fear that I'm going to have to rip apart my Dark Angels, which are my most complete army. If its too much work, odds are I won't be playing them for the foreseeable future, I've got my Astral Claws, Tyrant's Legion, Lamenters, CSM, Daemons, and Nids all to work on!

  7. zweischneid - your welcome. Sorry I missed the credit, I've updated my post.

  8. @ Dal - I don't think Chaos got shafted at all; lets have a look and see:

    Heldrake = Ravenwing Flyer
    Dark Apostle = Chaplain
    Forgefiend/Maulerfiend = Landspeeder Variants
    Warp Talons/Raptors = Deathwing Knights/ Deathwing Command

    This leaves the Ravenwing bikes but from the pictures they appear to be the same bikes that GW currently has. Now the Command BIke looks brand new which would just coincide with the warpsmith and or the Aspiring Champion.

    So as we can see Chaos got just as many new models as what the Dark Angles appears to be getting. Looks like a tie game to me but we will have to wait till they are released to be 100% sure.