Monday, December 3, 2012

Champions of Chaos - Judgement

17 stepped forward as leaders to via for Chaos glory and gifts. Putting their blood, sweat, and souls on the line in a contest to grasp at some type of favor from the fickle Chaos gods. "Are you not amused? Is this not why you come here?" The line in the sand has been drawn and the games shall now commence. Behold your champions awaiting your support as they rise through the ranks.

The gates have closed Ladies and Gentlemen, the hats have been tossed in the ring, and it's time to play. You get to be Judge, Jury, and Executioner. First off I would like again to Thank our Sponsor this time around, . When you get some free time stop over and take a look through the site if nothing else just to say Thank You for supporting the community not only with great products, and customer service, but also by sponsoring things like this. Then a Big shout out to the people behind the outstanding entries we got for the contest. I wish you all luck going forward so in no special order of any kind I present the Entries for judgement. The Voting will be open through Saturday the the 15th.

Adam Heat

Chris Pyke

Chris Vinton

Jussi Manninen

Michael Ovsenik

Mike Howell

Neil Szabo

Pawel Cynk

Reid Hughes

Robert Tidbury

Ryan Young

Sean Briault

Shane White


Victor Carlstrom

Dimitris Kiourtsoglou

Pascal Rooze


  1. We have some really amazing entries here. Good luck everyone!

  2. Question: I am in the contest, but can I vote? I only ask because there are a few I would like to cast votes for (No, I'm not voting for myself).

    1. You are free to vote in any manner you would like including for yourself, being a chaos contest sportsmanship is optional lol.

  3. Great contest, I love these blog networking things. Its a chance for bloggers to better attach names to blogs and names to pieces they might have seen around.

  4. First of all, thanks to you guys from STC for putting up this contest. The Warhammer blogging world needs more such things, as they motivate you to give your best for every miniature. I'd be happy to see another contest (of any kind) soon. :)

    And now some opinions on the entries:

    - Adam Heat
    Is there anything on your model that's not entirely sculpted by yourself? Well, the feet are abviously made of plastic, but the rest... Wow. Just amazing what you can achieve with modelling. And being devoted to Nurgle, that Dreadnought... sorry, Helbrute looks great! Too bad there's no base.

    - Chris Pyke
    Your Cultist Champion looks like one mad (Russian) commissair who willingly shoots any deserter. The carved in Chaos Star on the lasgun is a nice little detail.

    - Chris Vinton
    The lightings on the Night Lord's armour look very great and adding some more tiny branches would be the only thing I'd suggest. Did he take the Blood Angels sword from his slain enemy?

    - Jussi Manninen
    Brilliant idea with the carcass in the Terminator armour. The hoses and tubes add greatly to the model.

    - Michael Ovsenik
    Quite a funny idea, but it fits perfectly well for Nurgle. Too bad there's only one photo of your mini, I'd love to see the other side of the snail or even the Sorcerer in detail. Is this a conversion for mere fun or do you play it as

    - Mike Howell
    Cool idea and realization. That guy would be perfect to cheer for a Chaotic bloodbowl team.

    - Neil Szabo
    The paintjob on your Alpha Legionnaire is stunning. The blue-green armour honestly irritates my eyes as I don't know if it's blue with green, green with blue or some other wicked kind of paint. Love it!

    - Pawel Cynk
    Your model looks really nice, but I don't know if there is a conversion. Okay, he holds his Bolter single-handed. Unfortunately, the display base steals the show from the Marine.

    - Reid Hughes
    That guy looks like a chaotic Black Templar. ;) In my opinion, he's not chaotic enough and the trophies are a little bit too much. But nice paintjob and freehands, though.

    - Robert Tidbury
    What can I say other than: amazing paint job! I can't see any flaws.

    - Ryan Young
    Again a funny Nurgle conversion. Are those Nurglings below that Palanquin? Well done, nevertheless.

    - Shane White
    I only saw the flames on your mini's armour on the third look. There are simply a hell a lot of ornaments and other adornments. You can look at the mini several times and always discover something new. Great!

    - Pascal Rooze
    You got my vote because you showed me with this mini what a paintjob can achieve. I personally dislike the new plastic Daemon Prince and that's why I bought the finecast version for mine. It's your paintjob that makes the mini look great and the wings are amazing. Good choice of colours, too.

    (These are merely some personal opinions on some entries.)

    1. That Iron warrior daemon prince looks like something that stepped out of one of Graham McNeill's novels. Pretty badass conversion, man.

    2. Stempe,

      Thanks for the critique! You nailed it right on the head, he is a fallen Templar. I like your red cables- they really stand out and pops against the silver!

    3. Thanks, Stempe, now I hate you for being so nice ;) Haha just kidding. Thanks for the kind words. I like your model better too, but this is one piece I did for a local store, so hardly any choice. But great fun to paint though. I hope one day to get my hands on your version. Your color palette is well chosen, and great conversions (I like the maul/ four-bladed axe). You got my vote on that!
      Oh and on the topic of conversions: Please, guys,notice that there are no conversions in my piece, so make sure that those conversion votes go to the right person! Thanks.

    4. Those are indeed nurglings under the palanquin

    5. The entry is actually Talos from the Night Lords series. He carried a golden blood angels sword he snagged off a captain.

    6. I saw those little touches. You got my vote for that. ADB provides some great inspiration.

    7. Hi,

      I did indeed send another photo of the Snail, but it didn't get posted unfortunately. It is a sorceror on palanquin of Nurgle.

    8. Thanks for the kind comment stempe, believe me there are flaws if you know where to look...
      Cheers Rob.

  5. g'day

    wow what an awesome turnout, made it hard to vote. In the end i put my painting vote in for Shane White, imo the flames on the armour made it top the chart for me.

    I have posted a WIP log of how i converted the aobr dread to my nurgle hellbrute over on the works in progress forums if anyone wants to see

    Good luck to everyone and looking forward to another comp soon, this one was fun!


  6. Amazing indeed, you guys have all done a kickass job!

  7. First of all, everyone who hasn't already should put a post on their blog inviting people to come see the entries/vote. Not only would it get more people voting, but it would bring more people to STC and Secret weapon minis as a thank you for putting on this awesome contest.
    Secondly, this was a lot of fun! This is my first competition and I love it. it was a great excuse to actually get up and paint something. It's great to see all the great models and I hope do do something like this again soon!
    -Zab (Niel Szabo), you definitely got my vote for best painted. That paintjob is just beautiful, and as a bonus, it really doesn't look that difficult so you could easily paint up an entire army that way (I hope you do!). Very nice job.

    1. That's true, I also highly recommend everybody puts a post on his blog. A better networking is essential.

    2. Thanks! It's a super easy paint job and can be done with any number of colors. There is a very detailed rundown of how on my blog. Also, I will definitely do an Alpha legion army but it's going to need a ton of fiddly little conversions like the model above because the current chaos range is a bit too ornate for my idea of what the Alpha legion looks like. Ain't that the way; save time painting to lose it converting or vise versa ~sigh~ Anyways great entries all around and the fringe benefit is finding new blogs to follow because of all the great entries!

  8. Hello all, there are some realy nice entries.
    If you would like to see a WIP of my epidemius model here is the link:

  9. The snail is quite the badass entry. Deserves more credit, seeing as it isn't just a paint job. That's my vote, for sure.

  10. Gotta say i love Reid Hughes' entry the OSL is amazing. So cool to see Zab's brilliant entry alongside mine, shows you what a huge difference his simple conversions and fab paintjob made compared to the standard mini.
    Great work everybody....
    Cheers Rob.

  11. For all those that enter my personal blog's, The Chaos Manifesto, sister contest I will be announcing the winners this upcoming Monday. Thanks to those who entered.

  12. Reminder comment Today is your last day of voting! We will most likely be posting a congrats to the winners this weekend. So if your trying for a last minute steal or want to bump your numbers to stay ahead its the home stretch!