Monday, December 10, 2012

Champions of Chaos Reminder: Taste the Chaos

The taint of Chaos runs deep in the either world of dreams.  The dreams of gamers who refuse to age with time are plague by the nightmares of the dark gods.  Each of them corrupted at a young ripe age when they were easily influenced.  Each of these gamers traded their mortality for a life of servitude to one of Chaos' deities of the warp.  Their immortality that cherishes their youth acts a prison of servitude for an eternity to come.  They each have been touched by Chaos and are forever mutated by its foul nature.  Two of them will be crowned champions by  and their wrath will be set free on the imperium of man.  Unleashing the stain of their bowels onto the galaxy for all those willing to share in their blight.  Puking forth a rainbow of insanity and hatred they are here to solicit the taste of Chaos.  So make your voice heard amongst the Eye of Terror by casting your vote in our humble contest.  For two of them are going to be crowned Champions of Chaos.

Adam Heat

Chris Pyke

Chris Vinton

Jussi Manninen

Michael Ovsenik

Mike Howell

Neil Szabo

Pawel Cynk

Reid Hughes

Robert Tidbury

Ryan Young

Sean Briault

Shane White


Victor Carlstrom

Dimitris Kiourtsoglou

Pascal Rooze

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