Monday, December 17, 2012

2013 wish list - all praise the Empra

We've talked about last year in the hobby already, but what am I after at the moment (if Santa brings me presents and not coal like he fething did last year).  Not just that, aside from trivial things like world peace, end of starvation and cure for cancer what am I hoping for next year.  You know, important gaming related things, spoken of as rumor and heresy in the series of pipes known as the internet.

edit:  Apologies, one of my kids just told me the internet is in fact made of cats not pipes/tubes.

I'm one box of Termies away from being happy with my Grey Knights, or as happy as anyone ever gets with an army that is.  I need to pick up some obliterators for my Typhus zombie hoard, I just don't really like the models.  It also needs a hell drake but I also don't like that model.  A WFB Vampire Counts Terrorgheist though has some possibilities.  Oh yeah, and one of everything from Forgeworld (I'd settle for a Contemptor).  That and board games.  You can never have too many board games.
Looking a bit broader though, its interesting to see what is coming up and what we hope may drop.  It sounds a lot like the Dark Angels codex will deep strike very early next year.  That was the army I had in 1st edition so I'd kind of have to get it.  Thing is, G dubs allies rules actually make that decision a lot easier.  It used to be, should I spend a metric ass ton of cash to get an army?  Now, you can spend a lot less as all you are trying to get is one of two of the coolest bits to fill gaps in your main army.  Didn't want to spend mucho dinero to get 2,000 points of DA plus options.  Now you can just get an HQ and a Deathwing squad.  11 dudes so way cheaper to buy and probably only about 1,500 points as it is a Matt Ward codex.
Tau seem like they will be getting a new book soon too if the rumor merchants have been reading their tea leaves well.  I like Tau for their fluff and feel, and one of my kids has a really small Tau force.  A new Tau book would be something to look forward to for the fluff and for more gaming possibilities at home.  Even better if they bring with them a better selection of 'conquered world' Tau allies such as the Kroot and Vespids and dare we say it the Demiurg?
I'd really like to try some square basing again.  Thing is, aside from the minis in the latest starter set, my WFB force of choice is those tree hugging Wood Elves.  And I guess they suck right now.  Apparently at the FLGS I'd get comp points just for showing up with Wood Elves so a new book for them would be nice.  It would get me spending money on elves and giant walking shrubberies again at least.  I've still got one of the Wood Elf Regiments of the Renown units in its box.  Something that cool needs to be on a table (getting killed by daemons), but of course there doesn't seem to be any talk of the wood elves getting the love they need to make it worthwhile.
Lastly, I'm excited about Relic Knights.  I mentioned this in my last post but wanted to say again, damn that looks like a lot of fun!   Great minis, an interesting game mechanic, and if it is anything as fun as Soda Pops other offering, Super Dungeon Explore, it will be great to play.  So what is everyone else looking forward to?  Have you arranged for piles of plastic to be sent your way over the holidays?  Are you itching for a new codex for your army of choice? I hope you get the "Khorne daemon worshipping skull buggerers" from grandma (and she still talks to you), have a good new year, and may sixes be upon you.



  1. The 'Bad Santa' with a shotgun is from but it was painted by my mate Liam who has Scratchbuilt his own Warhound and Warlord titans here's a link to his efforts

    But if you do a search on 'Liam' on the blog you'll discover so much more, I recently had a battle against his 'in progress' chaos marines but his scratchbuilt Brass Scorpions show so much potential...

  2. Cool, I'll check out his blog. I'd actually linked the image back to their site in case anyone was wondering where it came from.