Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2012 in the hobby - Citizensmith

Us here slaving away in the bowels of STC decided to do a year end wrap up.  What did we do in the hobby this year, what did we think were the biggest changes and such. Gamers come from a range of backgrounds, and while there is certainly a gamer stereotype (apologies white dudes who could lose a few pounds) it doesn't take much looking around to realize that a lot of folks of us don't fit that mold in one way or another.   So these posts from the STC tech priests are so you can see a bit more about us and the strange, warped little worlds we live in.

What went on this year
Pretty recently I got myself a man cave.  The friend that had been living with us moved out (although not her dog) and I got to grab my accumulated geek crap and have it in one location (that wasn't the garage).  Yeah its on a fold out table as this is still the guest room and we do have guests every once in a while, but boy is it nice to be able to set up how I want.  Got decent lighting, podcasts, and room to be a dork while the kids watch movies.
And it only just fits, but I had to get a 6x4 so we can have games at home.  Here's my youngest with some Warmachine minis and the old GW Mighty Fortress.
Warmachine was the new game I got into this year.  I've got a reasonable selection of minis from a few factions (Mercenaries for me, Khador and Menoth for my kids, and Cygnar because it was stupid cheap used).  I'm done with getting minis for it unless the kids really get in to the game, but it is a fun game.  Privateer Press have great starter packs if anyone is looking to get started.

The biggest game change for me was 6th edition 40K though as I tend to play that more.  Sure, I'm more a modeller than a gamer, but the games of 6th I've had have been a lot of fun.  It also has been where my kids have finally got the patience to play a complete game instead of getting bored partway through turn 3.  That was part of the reason I wanted a table at home.  Hopefully I'll be able to get plenty of use out of it with them.

I started listening to a bunch more podcasts this year.  Some seem to be populated by a bunch of twats, but Screaming Heretic, Jaded Gamercast, Deep Strike Radio and Heroic 28s all added to my must listen line up.  Seeing as that line up was The Overlords, Eternal Warriors and 11th Company I now have plenty of dork talk while commuting or painting.

I've been paying close attention to the rapidly expanding range of products from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  In case you haven't noticed, all of us here really appreciate the quality he kicks out.  I've picked up a number of this bases, a decent collection of the washes (the armor wash is amazing), a good selection of pigments and scenic kits, and the super cool 6X6 rapid assault.  I was also able to attend a couple of the SWM classes.  If you are attending any of the big conventions, make sure you get signed up for some of these, you are guaranteed to learn.   Oh yeah, and I may have helped play test something...

And lastly for this year was money I spent this year on Kickstarter.  Among others I went in on the funding for Soda Pop's Relic Knights, Impudent Mortal's Terrain sets and an official Settlers of Catan Board.  These all arrive 1Q or 2Q next year.  How cool will it be when all this Relic Knight crap shows up and the credit card bill was paid off a long time ago.  I'm enjoying kickstarter as it is great to see these projects that would otherwise gather dust in anonymity be pulled up.  There is always some good gaming stuff going on there.  For instance AE-WWII has some great looking minitures up for grabs.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, I hope your 2012 in gaming was a damn good one, and may 2013 bring you a statistically significant bias towards 6s (unless you are rolling for leadership).


  1. What is that beautiful unpainted mini from? Never mind - forget I asked. The last thing I need is awareness of another line of nice minis I want to paint ;)

  2. It was one of the stretch goals from the Relic Knights kick starter. Can't remember what they called it, but mine is going to be called Saint Celestine. That also means it isn't available yet, I don't think any of that stuff gets released until May next year.

    1. Damn you. Relic Knights; now on THE LIST. ~sigh~