Monday, November 26, 2012

The Painting Noob - Part 4: Now With Less Noobness!

Welcome to the final installment of my series where I dip my toe into the waters of actual painting skills. In Part 4 I'll show you a couple of models I've done since Mr. Cuddles and where I've made improvements. This won't be as long of an article as the previous posts in this series, but I will try and get as much detail as I can with the pictures I have. Side note; I should consider the title Photography Noob for my next series. Anywho, more after the jump!

If you remember from Part 3, Mr. Cuddles was completed, but I still had a few things I wish I would have done differently. Let's start with his base:
I don't like how pool-ee it got, if no one minds me making up words. First, it's a hassle to do as this stuff will shrink a bit with each application (at least in the climate where I live). So you're constantly applying layer after layer. Second, the use of paint made things look a bit sloppy. I should have been patient and gone out to get some washes.

Starting from the beginning, things went about the same way they did in Part 1. First base:





And here's where I took another direction. This time I didn't pool much of my mix. This time I kind of used my mix like a wash and let things pool naturally and kept my depth at practically a layer of paint:

I did continue to experiment a bit, though. But, again, I'm not happy with the pool-look:

After I caught all the bases up, I experimented with more washes to give a bloodier look, but after a couple of bases, I realized I didn't like this look very much:

The rest, however, turned out great:

Finally, the model itself. So we have Mr. Cuddles:

As for painting, I used a lot of the same techniques and colors, I was just a tad smarter about my timing and what order I painted what (ie; harder to reach stuff gets painted first/paint parts of a model and then put it together):
I do wish I would have used liquid Green Stuff to fill in that horrifying line on his left shoulder. I'm not entirely sure how I didn't notice this until about halfway into painting this guy.

Either way, this guy turned out a lot better than Mr. Cuddles. This time around I added plenty of blood splatter on the boots, the front of the model and on his melee weapon:
I added a bit of blood splatter all around his legs as well--I'm trying to go for realism and not just blood-drenched for no reason. I also went with more black wash than violet, giving him a better look.

My third attempt I used all of the good I used on my second attempt above, but also experimented a bit with some brown washes:
It's hard to tell because I have yet to master photographing minis, but his melee weapon has a bit of a rusted look to it thanks to some brown wash. It's an easy way to get a nice looking effect and helps tell a bit of a story about the model.

And that's about it for this series. I'd like to thank everyone for reading; this has been a treat for me as well. I'm sure I'll return to this series in the future, but the STC crew has so much planned for the next month or so you'll be plenty occupied. As always, any question for me or comments on how I could have done something better/differently post a comment below!

Later days.


  1. They look good! I actually like the blood pool bases, and think you did a great job on all counts.

  2. Much thanks, Eddie. I'm definitely seeing improvement with each model I paint; it's nice to see some progress.