Monday, November 12, 2012

The Painting Noob - Part 2: Brushing Up On My Skills

Welcome back to my series on learning how to paint more than and better than dry-brushed Necrons. If you remember in part one I focused on the base for my test model. This time I'm going to start on the Slaanesh Cultist model itself, which if you recall I have dubbed Mr. Cuddles for the duration of this series. I'd like to start by saying the best way to start out as a "noobie painter" is to not practice. What I mean by this is use this beautiful thing called the internet to read, watch and listen. I'm constantly browsing through the numerous tutorials from Ron at FTW () despite not having a paint brush in-hand. You'll be surprised by how much some of it sticks in your brain.

So first I've clipped, cleaned, drilled and Mr. Cuddles (this is starting to sound like a smutty dog-grooming article, I know, but stay with me here). After gluing him to some cork for ease-of-use it's time to get started:

And since I have no idea what I'm doing, let's start with black:
(This is a good time to remind you all that this is meant to be helpful to you and myself. If you have advice to bestow onto me, please do.)

Next, I took some and put a layer of that on his coat:

And some layer for his cloak:

Next a layer of on his shoulder pad:

Working from that area, I decided to break the monotony of purple and pink to put on a layer of for the shoulder pad:

And clean that up with a light layer of :

To continue forward with the silver, I put two light layers on his pistol (allowing time in between to dry) and one layer on his belt, knife and a few other areas I know I'll have to clean up later:

Next it's time for some flesh. Let's look again at the that I mentioned in part one. I started with and put a very light layer of :

Next I wanted to go with something pretty light. On top of a darker layer, I thought it would make his skin look sickly, which is what I'm wanting. So I tried out a layer of which turned out pretty well if I do say so myself:

Next I wanted a really dark brown for several items on this guy (packs, knife handle, back canister, etc.), so I mixed a 1:1 of and Ratskin Flesh and applied the appropriate layers for each item:

The next step was some detail work as well as filling up his "club" with silver. I was sloppy with the silver on the club as I knew I was going to use a blood mix like the one on my base and that would be quite goopy:

For the icon on his arm I used more the same Genestealer Purple for the center "eye":

And for the icon around his neck I used :

That's it for this part. We'll finish Mr. Cuddles up in the next post and from there take a look at my next attempts with a bit of experience under my belt. Before I go, I would like to make mention of "The Master's" brush cleaner. I bought some on suggestion from a friend for around five dollars at Hobby Lobby not expecting much, but this stuff blows my mind how clean it's keeping my brushes and how long they're holding their form/strength. I highly recommend this product:

Until next time!

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