Monday, November 5, 2012

The Painting Noob - Part 1: Let's Begin

I'm not what you'd call a very talented painter. I have little experience and less techniques in my noggin. So when I say I'm a painting noob, I really want that to sink in. Just take a look at my Necron army and you can see that my skills barely stretch beyond dry-brushing and highlighting. However, with the new CSM codex released, I really wanted a great looking, fluffy Slaanesh army with custom bases and all the bells and whistles. So after a few weeks of asking all the advice I could from local and distant sources I decided to start on my first mini for the CSM (a Cultist) and make record of my journey to share with all of you. So let's get started.

First I bought some small corks from a as I've seen them used by actual painters before. Next I primed my subject, we'll call him Mr. Cuddles for the duration of this series, with Alien Purple primer from and glued him using some onto the cork I mentioned:

Next I grabbed a from Secret Weapon Miniatures and primed that thing black:

For this next step I took a look around of their site and glanced over . While I'm not entirely sure I got things right, here's what unfolded. I grabbed some layer and messily applied it to my skulls:

Applying a light layer of after that:

Then I mixed Screaming Skull and together in a 1:2 ratio respectively and tried kind of a half dry-brush, half layer coat over the skulls:

Next I cleaned up the base of the...uh, base with :

And on suggestion from my LFGS, applied to the base of the base as well:

For this next part, I suggest first taking a look at from Mister Justin of Secret Weapon Miniatures as he'll be doing things the correct way and I'll be doing things in a very noob-like fashion. Anywho, I used to start out my blood pools by filling them up just under the edge of the rim:

At this point, I'll admit that while I wanted to use some wash, I didn't have any red wash readily available to me at 11PM (this is where being new to painting is a pain due to not having all the supplies on-hand). So this is where I derail from Justin's video in that I use paint which will give a nice effect in my opinion, but not a see-through result like in the video. It just depends on what you prefer. I used a mix of and slowly mixing it into the Realistic Water. As a final touch, I added in a tiny dab of Abaddon Black and barely mixed it into the rest of the red-mix to add some depth:

It was at this point I realized I didn't put my wash over the skulls which I should have done before starting the Realistic Water step. I carefully applied my wash avoiding the blood pools as much as possible for the following result:
These things will take a while to dry and will even look wet when finished...which is kind of the point. So set them aside for a few hours just to be sure. I will also note that for whatever reason, the Realistic Water will have issues sinking in/receding in the state of Kansas. Everyone I've talked to in other areas of the world don't have an issue, but three different accounts in the KC area disagree. You have been warned Kansans.

That's about all from me for today. As I said, this will eliminate the see-through effect that Realistic Water would normally give. If you want that effect, use washes like in the video or wait for my future post on my second attempt on these things.

Stay tuned for more.


  1. This is great! I was just looking for a good way to do blood pools like this. Thanks!

  2. Anytime, cpyke.

  3. Sorry dude, but with results like that you may have to revise the noob part of your title ;) That's really nice work.

  4. Thanks, Zab! That means a lot.

    The thing that has brought me the best results in this project is asking advice until my tongue falls off and not being afraid to try new things. The results have been fantastic in my opinion.

    Hopefully you'll enjoy the rest of the series.

  5. I have eyed that realistic water so many times...

    Looks like that will need to be my next "I just played a 3 hour game on your table" purchase at the FLGS

  6. It's really good stuff. Just wait 'til you see what I've done with it in future posts.

    *pause for dramatic effect*

  7. Only thing I could advise you on is not to bother glazing the base before you pour the blood on, as you won't be able to see it at the end when it's submerged and is just a waste of paint! Other than that this is looking good, keep it up!

  8. Very true, Eddie. I was going to use wash instead of paint so it would be see-through, but realized after the fact that I didn't have the appropriate washes. I'll go over another way I went about this in a later post.