Wednesday, November 7, 2012

GK DreadNaught Complete

Only in the darkest of times are the Dreadnaughts of the Grey Knights chapter awoken by the Master Armourers. Silently they slumber in the Chapter's chamber of hero's until they are called upon to serve once more upon a battle field so far from salvation that the wisdom, experience, and undying will are needed once more. The Dreadnaught is a wealth of combat experience and is easily able to adapt to any needed battle field role from long range support, to spearheading assaults, and it not uncommon for a Dreadnaught of the Grey Knight order to assume command of detachments allowing the Brother Captain to focus his attention else where.

Armed with fierce weaponry systems, and a body that now matches the entombed hero's untiring will. It might seem strange that these beasts of war are only awoken at the direst of times but anything less would be a dishonor to the gift of service they provide.

So It has been a slow progress but  finally a update on the GK's I have been working on.  The dread is my latest finished edition and I have one more really close to this and two more to be completed after that only not quite as ornate. My themed force using Coteaz clearly needed more ornate Dread's than the standard ones you see across from you when you face... oh ALMOST any GK force. Again part of this hobby is enjoying the models you play with. In my mind when Coteaz would request Dreadnought assistance they would send only the best of the best to hunt down and kill those deemed a threat by the High Inquisitor. 

The arms of the Dread are from Puppet Wars and replaced the other arms I was using. These offered a more dynamic pose, as well as blended the model and the paint scheme more in line with the rest of the force. 

The Stone work on the base is from Sciber basing kits and I have used them throughout the army along with the stone/marble theme. Expect to see it on bases as well as other vehicles as I post more completed models. 

The stone looking murals I used as ornate decorations are actually made using Green stuff and Insta Mold. It took a few times to get the desired result down and to get the painting of the stone shaded correctly but once you have it down it really pulls the model together and makes it pop on the table. 

These are some quick snaps and not as detailed as the other pictures I have been posting. When I get around to finishing his brother I'll post some more detailed shots of the two of them. Until Next Time.

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  1. Looks great! The puppets war arms really blend in well.