Saturday, November 10, 2012

Champions of Chaos CONTEST!!!

The essence of life ebbs and flows with the warp itself.  Under the Eye of Terror it transfixes its' gaze upon you.  Infusing you hatred and malediction it calls out for you in the night.  Wanting nothing more than your loyal servitude it entices you with promises of unfathomable rewards.  To wet your palette the Standard Template Construct along with  wants to give you the chance to win not one but two TWO $50.00 gift certificates for .  In order to be gifted with one of these two chaos boons all you have to do is:

1/ Send us a picture or two of a single Chaos related non vehicle, model (up to 2 pictures of your model) to STCtechpriests AT;

2/ Ensure that all pictures have our logo or our name (Standard Template Construct) in them; and

3/ Be a follower of the Standard Template Construct blog.

4/ All entries due by the end of November.
If you are still standing here is dismay at which gift you wish to be blessed with you are wasting your time and that of the Dark Gods.  Go forth now and do as they have commanded and perhaps they will smile down upon your feeble soul in the month of December.

No purchase necessary to enter, all images and models are copyright the companies that made them and the artist/owner. Contests are fun and not made to offend, evil contests are no different. If you are offended in any way you should lighten up and let others enjoy life. You must be old enough to play with tiny toy soldiers to be eligible. Abbadon doesn't actually want you and if you run into him you should attempt to run away because you are most likely screwed. 

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