Friday, November 16, 2012


Do you think this Heresy is going to spread itself? Do you think this Evil is going to Summon itself? Are you going to wait for approval from the Golden Throne? Didn't you hear that Abbadon Wants you!!! Do you like to pillage and crush loyalist marines? Do you spend your free time collecting skulls for the skull throne? Do you secretly surf the winds of change like they are web sites on the inter webs? Do you spread disease around your office whenever you get sick as pay back? Do you party in a manner that only Slaanesh and Charlie Sheen would approve of?

 If so we have the contest for you!

1/ Send us a picture or two of a single Chaos related non vehicle, model (up to 2 pictures of your model) to STCtechpriests AT; (Evil walkers are ok )

2/ Ensure that all pictures have our logo or our name (Standard Template Construct) in them; and

3/ Be a follower of the Standard Template Construct blog.

4/ All entries due by the end of November.
Our Contest is sponsored by , which has an amazing line of bases, hobby supplies, and conversion parts with low cost shipping. If you aren't regularly popping into the site to drool over things your significant other hasn't given you the approval to order yet, then you are missing out on a great product range.

Have you been waiting for a reason to paint up another Chaos squad?  Do you have a hobby project you are putting off? Need an excuse to do a great Chaos conversion? Do you have a unit that you have been meaning to get around to? Do you have something you just finished and want to show off?  Need an excuse to place another order with ? Well then you are in luck.  Plus who doesn’t want some free stuff?

We will accept entries until the end of November at which point the contest will close. We will post all entries online for a public vote.  At the end of the voting period (in December) we will awarding not one but TWO $50.00 gift certificates for . One for best painted, and one for best conversion.

We are using this contest to help inspire those of you with evil armies. So we look forward to seeing what you guys come up with. We await your Creations.

No purchase necessary to enter, all images and models are copyright the companies that made them and the artist/owner. Contests are fun and not made to offend, evil contests are no different. If you are offended in any way you should lighten up and let others enjoy life. You must be old enough to play with tiny toy soldiers to be eligible. Abbadon doesn't actually want you and if you run into him you should attempt to run away because you are most likely screwed. 


  1. I'm hoping I can get one in. Unfortunately school is taking over my life right now, so we'll see.

    1. Well looks like I will probably have something done in time to enter! But I think Zap's Alpha legion marine is going to be hard to beat. It's looking incredible.

  2. I love me some competitions!

  3. Now Ive just got to remember to take some new pics!

  4. Pity its non vehicles only cause I'm on the verge of finishing a big vehicle conversion... but I think I can com up with something else for this

  5. Can it be a chaos demon herald?

    1. Heralds are ok!! Walkers are ok.