Friday, November 23, 2012

A Look at Secret Weapon Miniatures

The darkest images of Chaos are floating about the web and evil creations of madness are starting to come in via email for our contest. There is still more than seven sunrises left to break the darkness of nightfall before the eleventh month of our lord is over. So there is still time to finish summoning avatars of creativity and send them in. We await your dark creations with prizes of chaos glory. Up for grabs if you haven't heard is a pair of Secret Weapon Miniatures gift certs to further enhance your future and current projects of evil.

Instead of shouting out the details of the contest and encouraging you to be inspired and enter for free stuff. (All things I can easily do with a link at the end of the post) Let's take a look at some Secret Weapon Miniatures products in review, and in use to see what you can cash in on as a contest winner. Perhaps some inspiration awaits in the links that follow.

Let's start with Dave Taylor who is a pillar of the hobby community. You can see he uses SWM bone field bases on his Lamenters themed unit. His painting as usual is amazing, and he offers information on to get the same yellow result.

Let's jump from One Pillar of the community to another. Ron over on From The Warp, shows that the same base can have a very different result depending on your goal. Ron shows off a mud technique on a model with some steps to create mud yourself if you would like to mud up the fields yourself. 

Before we jump away from Ron's work at From The Warp I would be letting you guys down not to also mention he has a great article about creating some great basing results using SWM's materials, and offering options to get the same results with materials around the house.

Senji Studios does a great breakdown and review on the of the SWM gothic tank traps and power generator. These terrain kits are pretty slick when painted up, and they event talk a bit about how you can assemble the generator.

If you didn't know SWM makes some of the best Snow basing effects I know of. Our very own AridMonk shows off the type of results you can get.

While we are looking at the great work AridMonk has done let's also take a quick look at him playing around with the tiny bricks that SWM's offers. 

Zombiesrcoolpainting does a fantastic review of the SWM washes over on the Cool Mini or Not site if you haven't seen it. I would be truly misleading you in this series without dropping a link to the long in depth article. 

I could go on I have only scratched the surface of the product line that our buddy Mr. Justin offers through his company. There is a slew of bitz for modifications and head swaps I was also considering adding here as articles using them are also floating around the interwebs. However this would be entirely too long. The point is the prize of 2 SWM gift certs of 50 dollars can lead you to some fantastic hobby material, and truly make a few of your models stand out. I hope this has inspired you to try something new, finish a model you haven't based just yet, and most of all to enter or Champtions of Chaos contest.  More information on the contest can be found here. 

As I said before we await your creations and wish you luck on your chance to win some great prizes. 


  1. Hi there

    I've used these specific bases (bone fields) on my Death Company and look awesome. Out of the different companies I've tried out SWM is the best, although a bit more expensive. You usually get what you pay for.

    I have also tried a couple of washes (which I believe use the recipe from Les @ Awesome Paint Job) and work well, although are a bit different from GW's.

    1. Thanks for commenting Albert always good to hear feedback about products