Friday, November 30, 2012

A Chaos Contest - Final Entry chances

Sleep comes to those touched by Chaos in a very different manner, as Dreams turn to Nightmares tempting the resting soul to choose between staying at rest, or again returning to the warped life of reality among your chaos brothers. How many moons pass before a man questions what world is real and what is a dream, and at what point in the madness does it cease to matter? We have taunted the sand man for a month here as the Priests of the Standard Template Construct have whispered of forbidden heresy in several forms. The winds carried our secret talks as we walked the line for 12 days reviewing the new tome of Chaos. Before giving in to our temptations and holding a Contest in honor of all things of the Darkness. As you read this final days of entry into our Display of Chaos are coming to a close, but no matter how it seems, this is not the end. This is merely a hint at things to come. This is only the beginning....

Let us shed formalities though and start by recapping the details. 

1/ Send us a picture or two of a single Chaos related non vehicle, model (up to 2 pictures of your model) to STCtechpriests AT; (Evil walkers are ok )

2/ Ensure that all pictures have our logo or our name (Standard Template Construct) in them; and

3/ Be a follower of the Standard Template Construct blog.

4/ All entries due by the end of November (extended slightly for the weekend)
Our Contest is sponsored by , which has an amazing line of bases, hobby supplies, and conversion parts with low cost shipping. If you aren't regularly popping into the site to drool over things your significant other hasn't given you the approval to order yet, then you are missing out on a great product range.

Have you been waiting for a reason to paint up another Chaos squad?  Do you have a hobby project you are putting off? Need an excuse to do a great Chaos conversion? Do you have a unit that you have been meaning to get around to? Do you have something you just finished and want to show off?  Need an excuse to place another order with ? Well then you are in luck.  Plus who doesn’t want some free stuff?

We will accept entries until the end of November at which point the contest will close. We will post all entries online for a public vote.  At the end of the voting period (in December) we will awarding not one but TWO $50.00 gift certificates for . One for best painted, and one for best conversion.

We are using this contest to help inspire those of you with evil armies. So we look forward to seeing what you guys come up with. We await your Creations.

I repeat for those scanning quickly over the article....

One Prize will be for best painted. (I hope you have chosen your brush strokes carefully.) 

One Prize will be for best conversion (The model doesn't even have to technically be painted to qualify for this prize so all you evil converters out there have no excuse. )

We will be accepting Entries through out the weekend, but as of Monday morning the gates will close and not even two pieces of silver will get you entry or ferry into the arena of the dead for the voting round of our contest.  Good Luck Gentlemen and thanks to all who have already entered. I encourage you to pass the word in the home stretch and encourage other talented people in our hobby to throw a hat in the mix. 


  1. Can't wait to see all the entries. Good luck to all participants!

  2. I'm excited! Hope there's a good turnout!

  3. cool cant wait good luck all :)