Friday, October 5, 2012

Secret Weapon Miniatures - Basing Products Review Part 1 - Crushed Glass!!

Carrying on with the theme of basing that CitizenSmith started, I thought it was high time to show you guys what I have been doing recently with Secret Weapon Miniatures' range of basing materials, which I used recently on my various entries for Golden Demon UK.

Like all of us I am sure, we have all tried to replicate snow bases on our miniatures, with varying degrees of success. I have tried baking soda and pva, white flock, you name it I have tried it, and I was never fully satisfied. However when I saw this product, I knew I had to try it, and boy I was not dissapointed!!

This product is like nothing I have seen before. Difficult to use and apply properly, and takes quite a bit of care to use (a good dust mask is a must) but the results are worth it: unbeatable realism and a sparkley sparkle (scientific term) that is eye catching and genuinely pleasing to look at.

The base for this was just a standard resin plinth, built up using a mix of cork and milliput, and some fine sand to give it a rough rocky appearance. After priming black, I airbrushed it dark grey, then gave it a light wash of some thinned down blue ink, to give it a colder appearance, and to help tie it into the Dwarf, as blue was the shade colour on the flesh. I then drybrushed with a lighter grey, before applying the snow mix.

I mixed the glass and water effect until it was a thick clumpy paste, then used a metal sculpting tool to apply it to the base around the model. I also added some dangling icicles by getting some clear acrylic rod (I use these as a book binding tool at my work, but I am sure you can get them online for fairly cheap), heat it gently with a lighter, then stretch it out with tweezers and scrape it with a scalpel until you get some nice sharp looking icicles. After sticking these on where needed with some super glue, I then painted them with some leftover realistic water to make them shine a bit more.

All in all, a cracking product that delivers unbeatable realism. Be careful during usage, but if you want your models to stand out, then I heartily recommend it!!

Look out for my review on Secret Weapons bricks and leaves soon!!


  1. Hmm, awesome work. And great walkthrough, I've found some rods I'm going to try (very cheap too).

  2. Yep. Secret weapon and Dragon Forge Designs are my go to companies for any basing needs. Great products and damn near flawless resin casting.