Monday, October 8, 2012

Black Library Digital App Review

Before I did a quick digital review on the new coming over to cyber space in a non pirated digital format. Let's take a look at another Digital offering from Games Workshop. I want to talk about the Black Library App this time around. 

Unlike the White Dwarf this application is available for PC, and Android which I am sure several people will be pleased with right out the gate. The application is simple enough to find and download and appears to be free everyplace I found it no matter what Operating System or hardware you use. 

I will be running the application on my Ipad to take large screen shots of it to show you guys. So it is possible it is slightly different if you run it on something else but this should give you the general idea. 

The application opens with a splash style screen that you see above. This is basically a listing of the last release as well as some information and advertising for the a handful of the newer books. At the top of the screen you can select other splash screens to change what your are looking at. Although the format is almost exactly the same it really just changes what it showing you from Newer to Coming soon. 

If you select one of the books you get a pop up screen like you see above with more information. The screen has the price, a picture of the cover, a description and the rest of the general information as you see above. You can click the price to purchase the book in app, and you can also click the cover to get a larger picture of the cover.

The application appears to have a very large selection if not all of the books from Black Library. All priced pretty comparable to each other for the most part. The digital copies seem to run about the same cost as a paper back book from what I can tell. You can search and sort by several types of criteria by using the buttons at the top of the screen.

The application appears to have its own  library that tracks your purchased books that looks just like the normal one that Ibooks uses only all gothy and with the black library logo. I am curious if this works this way  on non apple products or if the android version downloads a pdf to your phone. If anyone has this on a android device feel free to speak up in the comments section.

Over all the application is basically a glorified advertisement, much like you would see in a magazine only more interactive. I didn't purchase anything in the application but I want to note a few things I think you should know.. First off all the books that you see or can purchase in the application you can already search for or purchase using the normal methods via Ibooks or Itunes. they appear to all be the same price.. but there are two problems I see with this right away playing with the application. 

As you can see in my normal Ibook app I was able to actually download a sample of a book. Something that is a option for several books in Ibooks. I downloaded a Thousand Sons from the Horus Heresy, and downloading a sample was not a option in the actual Black Library application. Also the Sample is a decent size.

As you can see you get about 30ish pages of the book enough to give you a general idea if you want to purchase the book or not. Also I was sad that the Black Library Library that tracks the books you have purchased don't appear to sync with my normal Ibooks. The application doesn't show that I downloaded the sample in the black library application at all. So in truth it means that you would have to use/track two different applications for reading your ebooks. 

The application was smooth and not buggy, it responded well and quickly when I navigated around it. It is great for tracking new releases or what is coming next down the pipe, but beyond that I personally wouldn't recommend the application from my limited time with it so far. However being a free App there is no reason not to take it for a test drive yourself. Stay tuned as we continue to review Digital Products.

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