Sunday, October 28, 2012

12 Days of Chaos Part 9: Fast Attack

On the ninth day of Chaos my true God's granted me
Nine Daemons Possessing, 
Eight Marines Screaming, Seven Skulls Exploding, Six Slayers Slaying, Five Strange Things, Four Chaos Lords, Three Tyrants, Two Chaos Marks and Daemonic Immortality

HOTpanda: With a significant drop in points and the addition a sixth edition swooping in a few new rules Raptors are going to be Skyborne more often.  The ability to reroll your charge distance is huge and having a strength four initiative ten hammer of wrath attack is nothing to scoff at.  The vultures will be circle around these birds of prey.

Lantz: There's really not much I have to say on Raptors. They've got that 1pt reduction in Ld, just like everything else. They're cheaper than they were, just like everything else. They've got more or less the same options they had before. The only change worth mention is they now have Fear; which is negligible. Overall the unit has improved.

Drkmorals: The raptor gained fear and all the bells and whistles that come with having a jump pack in 6th edition. Sadly Fear isn't great or reliable in any way. I don't know what your local meta looks like but Jump troops aren't falling out of the skies where I am throwing down my dice.  If you could make these scoring they would be better but in a codex that can already get a reroll for assaults for other units I don't see these as being a solid choice.
Warp Talons
Lantz: Why there is the inclusion of this unit confuses me. They're essentially Raptors with more toys at almost twice the points cost. They have the same statline as Raptors and the same unit type. So what's worth the steep price for these guys? Well, they're Daemons, so they get a 5+ Invulnerable save, a pair of lightning claws and Warpflame Strike that makes all enemy units within 6" of this unit when they arrive via DS automatically hit with the Blind special rule. I'm not a fan of these guys personally; Warpflame Strike can be completely ignored as a smart player typically won't even think about DSing within 6" of anything with a melee unit. And while they do have better melee weaponry and an invulnerable save, all of that isn't worth a 13pt increase over Raptors. A one wound model is a one wound model, and it's a rare day I pay 30pts for one without 2+ armour...ya' know, other than Crypteks.

HOTpanda: What Lantz said.

Drkmorals: Seems like a good idea to give raptors lightning claws, then make them deamons! You can have horrible death raining down for the sky and smashing into things in combat. It would be an image that would make Khorne proud. Maybe if this unit could Assault the turn they DS instead of making people blind you might consider it but overall it really seems over priced, unless you can find some trick for this unit.
Chaos Bikers
Lantz: I am by no means a bike expert in 40k. I just plain don't like them, which is odd since I own a motorcycle, regardless I'll leave it at this. Bikes are way cheaper (20pts vs the 33pts of 4th) than they were before and whispers of Nurgle bikers being the bee's knees are turning into excited screams.

HOTpanda: Sons of Anarchy is what these outriders of the warp are.  At a mere twenty points these guys are a steal just as they are.  Even allowing them to give both themselves and their bikes some custom work in the way of marks is not out of the question.  The baddest and most bloated bikers are going to be Nurgle tattooed ones.  Toughness six monsters is what they are.  Hell these bad boys are tougher than any rendition of Daemon Prince in the new Dark Bible.

Drkmorals: Very solid unit at a great points cost. The unit without any flash is good as Panda says. Like most things in this codex you can have them fly colors that fit your army list and you have a solid unit. Expect people to be testing out 10 man squads at toughness 6.
Chaos Spawn
Lantz: These guys were ten kinds of awful in the last codex, especially in 5th Edition. Anyone who fielded them was either just looking for an entertaining loss or got critical stares of disappointment shot their way. Now, with a 10pt reduction, the ability to take Marks, the loss of Slow and Purposeful and new rules including Fear, Rage and Mutated Beyond Reason; are they ten kinds of amazing? This is a lot of plus' with a reduced point cost, the real issue here is no save of any kind (or roughly 1/3rd of the time with Mutated Beyond Reason.) They are beasts, so getting them into combat shouldn't be an issue and with a T5 (6 with Mark of Nurgle) and three wounds they can take some hits. What can help is an HQ on a steed to take some of the heat for them or pass off certain shots when these guys do have an armour save. Regardless, I would imagine we'll see these guys off and on as they can perform the task they were designed for.

HOTpanda: I have twelve Spawn of Chaos sitting on my desk at home waiting to be demonically possessed by my paint pigments.  As such I am itching at the thought of patching these fiends over to a Nurgle Biker Lord.  The sheer thought of massed blob of toughness six wounds kicking dust up across the battlefield makes me want to buy a bike of my own.

Drkmorals: 4 Toughness 6 models with 12 wounds, fearless, beasts, and D6 +2 str 5 attacks on the charge...This is so dirty cheap I don't think it matters that they don't have a armor save for about 300 points you can take two of these squads. Sending these forward I am sure in most games they will be a priority target.
Lantz: Oh how the internet was abuzz about this guy, and rightfully so! The Heldrake begins our journey into the new Chaos theme: vehicles that kinda act like non-vehicles. Let's examine; First we have a Flyer with all the normal stats (though with an back AV of 10, you need to watch your ass), the ability to re-roll all failed to-wound and to-penetrate rolls once per game, ignores Stunned and Shaken on a 2+ and is complete with its very own flight-stand. Aaaand that's about where this vehicle nonsense comes to a hault. This thing has It Will Not Die meaning it gains back lost Hull Points on a 5+. It's a Daemon, so it has a 5+ Invulnerable save. Finally, it can Vector Strike while Zooming like a Flying Monstrous Creature. If that wasn't enough it comes with either a Hades Autocannon (36" S8 AP4 Heavy 4, Pinning) or a Baleflamer (Template S6 AP3 Heavy 1, Soul Blaze, Torrent). This thing is beastly, but is it worth it?

I think it's important to think about what this thing will do aside from survive. It has a single shooting weapon; that's it. Yes, it can Vector Strike, but this is only S7 AP3 so Terminators and a lot of vehicles will laugh at you. And the Hades Autocannon can be spammed in the Heavy Support section of the book for a lot cheaper. The way I see it, there's one of two uses for this thing; either it's a mediocre Flyer-killer with the Hades Autocannon or as a mid/backfield non-terminator infantry killing machine. Vector with AP3, use the Baleflamer and once per game re-roll all of the wounds. This thing could easily make its points back in a single turn, but you have to know how to wield it.

HOTpanda:  If a dragon was to emerge from the warp right now over puny little head, you and everyone around you would be screaming.  This is exactly what this unit has done to the wargaming community.  Wether your screams are gasps of awe or pure terror this is a unit that is going to turn into a bullet magnet.  The one reason I see people learning how to train a dragon is that one of the best ways to deal with a flyer is have your own flyer.

Drkmorals: This is a interesting unit, The AP3 flamer sounds tasty to get rid of problem units. Bust open transports with a vector strike or other units and then BBQ the insides is one tasty option. This like Lantz said seems like you can easily make its points back the first turn it arrives.  However, if you take the flamer you can't take the Hades Autocannon which makes me wonder what your plan is to kill other flyers? The book isn't full of fancy anti flyer options even if it does have a flakk option. Honestly if your plan is to shoot down enemies flyers, then this would most likely be your best bet without taking allies. I also want to note while the Hades Autocannon is nice you are BS 3 so plan accordingly.

HOTpanda:  Blurring the lines of reality with the fabric of the warp these foul beast circle above like vultures to a dying soul.  Striking at the weak and vulnerable they tear at the appendages of an army till they can no longer function as a whole.  They imbue their enemies with the fear of their demise with their uncanny speed and ruthlessness.


  1. Thanks guys. This series has been a real inspiration as I'm painting up some new models.Funny, I'm painting up a unit of Warp Talons as I read this. Though I intend to run them as an all jump pack army type (blood angels anyone?). But I'm going to throw them out there AS Warp Talons in a game or two w/ my Chaos force just to see how they play. LOL. I'm asking for it I know. But again, thanks for the article, really as solid honest take on the current state of the Dex.

  2. Hey man, I've changed my opinion on a few units since writing these reviews (which we'll go over in a later post.) Let us know how they do! What we read and what is played can sometimes be two completely different things.

  3. Glad you are enjoying the series and thanks for letting us know.