Friday, October 26, 2012

12 Days of Chaos Part 7: Elites (Part 1)

On the seventh day of Chaos my true God's granted me
Seven Skulls Exploding
Six Slayers Slaying, Five Strange Things, Four Chaos Lords, Three Tyrants, Two Chaos Marks and Daemonic Immortality

Lantz: If you liked Chosen before, you'll love them, now. Chosen are everything they were before, but they're cheaper with options that are cheaper. Chosen are a make-your-own-role kind of unit, still and will excel at whatever you dedicate them to. Once again, however, we find ourselves in that slippery slope of nearly limitless wargear options which means these guys can get crazy expensive. The fact that they can be made a Troop choice (see our HQ Special Characters article) means things can get pretty amazing for your list. A load-out I'm a fan of, though this isn't a tourney idea by any means, is 5-10 Chosen all with plasma guns or combi-plasma to keep them cheaper. Marks and Icons will do these guys some good as long as they have a singular role to play. IE: don't mix and match shooty and melee in the same unit or you'll find the points cost isn't worth it.
HOTpanda: Much like Chosen Space Marines I march to battle contemptuous of those around me.  Despite their battle scared faces I cannot even come close to agreeing with Lantz.  Once a Warlord who  surrounded himself with the likes of these exalted warriors I have lost my confidence in them.  Yes they cheaper then they once were but at what cost?  The price for this reduction is one of utility as they no longer possess the ability to infiltrate (outflank) their way into enemy lines.  For me this was the true reason why I had chosen them as the tip of my war spear.  If you do feel inclined to choose these warriors in your army I recommend kitting them out for shooting rather than close combat.  If you want a squad of close combat monster look to those who adorn themselves in Terminator armour.

Drkmorals: Chosen are taken normally because you can take several special/heavy weapons in the squad. They are your melta hunters basically. You still can use your HQ to give them Infiltrate/outflank as well using  putting pressure on how your enemy will be deploying knowing that 4plus melta or plasma guns might be showing up. They are bit cheaper and like everything else in this book you can build them toward whatever means you would like. 6th is the edition of plasma so taking a squad or two with 4 plasma guns might be worth testing out. I would initially agree with my panda friend though that this is a shooting unit, if you are looking to gear it up for hand to hand you most likely will find a better option someplace else. Although a chosen heavy army could have that jack of all trades feel that your non evil cousins usually sport. I think though that in most cases your going to find that the points you would spend for this unit are better spent on a flyer, who can also reach the back lines with ease, offer you more flexibility as a unit and provide anti-flyer support.

Lantz: Ah, Possessed... What was once just an awful unit filling a gap that didn't exist is now a well-rounded unit. At a cheaper points cost, 5+ Invulnerable Save, Fear, Fleet and Fearless, a group of 15-20 is pretty fearsome. Their randomized table has gotten a bit better as now all options are good options. The only issue is these guys will fold to 2+ Armoured enemies in combat, so their role is slightly pidgeon-holed on what kind of combat they want to be in. Icons and Marks can make these guys even more frightening, but watch your cost effectiveness ratio. A 3+/5++ is still a 3+/5++. Also, why is a unit that's Fearless going to pay 5pts for an Icon of Vengeance?

Drkmorals: This is clearly a harassment unit.  Being fearless, means you have to torrent them completely down while fleet helps them close with and destroy enemy.  They have a decent save and inv save going on for them. They are random which is never great if you can avoid it, but also I think they aren't overly better than most other units you can take instead in hth, plus you lack any shooting flexibility. They aren't horrible but I can't honestly say I am overly excited about these guys either.

Chaos Terminators
Lantz: These guys, like Chosen, are pretty much the same as they were before only cheaper. You can take Marks and Icons to personalize them how you want, but there's not much more to say about them. If you used them before, odds are you'll use them now.

HOTpanda: Ancient tombs of Armour that strike fear into the brethren around them on both sides of battlefield.  Make no mistake about these battle harden veterans are close combat monsters.  Focus your their efforts are wargear around just that and the dark gods will smile down upon you.  With their cost to your army going down acts of Termicide are still an effective way to utilize them.

Drkmorals: Chaos being able to take these in units of 3 is always amusing giving you a bit more flexibility. The unit isn't overly pricey as far as Termies go and you get access to combi weapons. As far as Termies go you either like them or you don't, only you can gear these toward your cause or theme like most other units in the codex.

Lantz: The Chaos Dreadnought...err, Helbrute isn't too far from what it was before. Err wait, it's a completely new unit. Yeah...completely new. Anyway, it recently got a 5pt reduction from the new CSM FAQ which is cool. The Crazed special rule has really changed as there's no result that will make this unit useless 99.9% of the time. Still, the unreliability of being able to shoot at what you want to at any given moment is something that will turn people off this unit. The real question here is, if this half demon, half machine construct is like its counterparts (we'll get to those in a bit,) why doesn't it have the 'It Will Not Die' special rule?

HOTpanda: The Helbrute has come a long way when compared to its' predecessor the Dreadnought.  The changes to the crazed rule has made this unit viable for the dark forces of Chaos.  With reliability back on its' side I would expect to see more of these relics unleashing their torment upon the enemies of Chaos.

Drkmorals: From a design point I do enjoy that the Chaos Robot of Smashy Doom is no longer a Imperial style dread with some spikey added to it, The problem is in this edition, Dreads fell down the nerf bat tree. The vehicle changes make them easier to kill at range and the changes in combat with grenades aren't exactly your friend either. For around 130 points you can make a shooting platform but you lose some of your hand to hand punch when you go this route. Your special rules means that if you live through shooting you are randomly running toward the enemy. Sadly since it is one of the cheaper options in this codex this unit is very Meh...

Power Scourge
Drkmorals: Dreadnaught weapon so I believe only the Brute and the Defiler get this as a option. So you are already Str 10 Ap2 striking at initiative. You take this for the flail ability to reduce the WS of every model in base contact with you by D3 to a minumum of 1. For 10 points on the Brute and 25 on the Defiler depending on the role of the unit in your army this might be a solid option.

HOTpanda: The only mutilation that has taken place here is that these abominations were allowed to grace the pages of the Dark Bible.  I am at a loss for words at how useless these foul beast are.

Lantz: What is amazingly the most confused unit in this book, beating out Slaanesh units of all kinds, comes the Mutilators. Essentially a melee-based Obliterator, these guys can choose from numerous melee weapons each turn, but never the same twice in a row. So why do I call them confused? Well, it boils down to a max of 3 models with 6 wounds total that aren't very fast. Even if these guys moved like Jump Infantry you still only have two wounds and a round of even mediocre volume of shots coming at this unit will take them out of commission. If their model cap per unit was 6 or more, then we might be in business, but as it stands they're a melee unit that won't make it to melee. Bring Terminators instead of these guys unless you have some master plan in mind.

Drkmorals: Do you think the new Mutilator model is really cool? Unless you have the urge to paint these, or someone gifts you some on accident and you can't return them; I would pass. If you get these as a gift on purpose perhaps they are mad at  you or trying to sabotage your army list.

HOTpanda: These are but a few of the elite warriors that a Chaos Lord has as his disposal. Some of these warriors are renowned for their skill sets that some Warlords have taken to making the heart of their force.  Not only are they the edge of his sword but they are the tip of his spear.  With so many weapons available, the sands of time will have to stand still as we shift through the grains.


  1. As for possessed and the icon, it does give you +1 wound for combat rez. I don't know if that is worth 5 points, but it is something...

  2. That's really the question, and the reason for the reduced price IMO. I would assume if you're kitted out for melee you probably don't need that, but who knows.