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12 Days of Chaos Part 2: Special Rules and Warlord Traits

On the second day of Chaos, my true God's granted me
Two Chaos Marks
and Daemonic Immortality

Champion of Chaos
Lantz: The first of many long-winded rules in this book, but that doesn't take away from its use or entertainment value. Being forced to issue/accept Challenges mean GW took the new edition of 40k and gave this army a strong personality with this edition right off the bat. The Boon table itself is monstrous, but most things in there are useful. With the D66 concept, we still have the "a roll of 1 typically blows" notion, but most everything else on this table isn't terrible. There are also ways of re-rolling on this table, but we'll get into that in a bit. The fact that Sweeping Advances don't let you roll on the Boon table means you won't see much of this rule, but it's something that will come up and is definitely a unique concept.

HOTpanda: The downside is that every unit gets a Champion no matter what; where you use to be able to not take any. For me this isn't an issue as I have always taken a Champion. What is an issue is that they must always issue/accept challenges. I here what you are saying Hotpanda...gone are the days of nothing but powerfisted champs. It's all about initiative now. Slaneesh Champs will be dying to get into the fray with them being initiative 5 as they stand a good chance at assassinating their squad leader outright. Yep but Plague Marine Champs will be striking last against most opponents with their intiative being a lowly 3. Looks like they will still be punching holes into vehicles and faces alike with their p-fists.

DrkmoralsThis really sets the tone of the book, and makes me believe the goal is for Chaos to be one of the first true hand to hand armies designed for 6th. I know that some people are saying that having to issue a challenge isn't going to work because most people will refuse your challenge. I may be wrong, however my initial thought is that it’s going to honestly be in your best interest to go ahead and accept and let them roll on the table after killing your character because if you don’t the characters in this codex will rape a majority of squads otherwise. I think that is going to be especially true for any squad that isn't overly large. It’s going to be important when playing against Chaos to know when to count it as a loss to stop them from getting a free roll and when you need to give them the roll to buy some time.
Warlord Traits
Lantz: I see a lot of whining about this table here and there. Most of the complaints stem from the fact that not every Trait is useful to a specific list. My question is, since when is the main rulebook's Warlord Traits always useful to your list? The worst in the list is probably a roll of 5; which gives the Warlord Fear. It wouldn't be so pathetic if it confered to units within 12" or something of the sort, but alas, every table needs its awful listing somewhere. The rest of the results are pretty fantastic, depending. It's nice to finally see a codex stick it to all Space Marine armies out there with a roll of 1 (even though it's technically a SMEQ army for the most part.) My favorite is probably the re-rolls for the Boon Table so I can give becoming a Demon Prince another shot!

HOTpanda: My Favorite Trait has to be Master of Deception.  Can you say Alpha Legion before they sneak up on you to slit your throat?  I know I can.  Having the ability to outflank three of your units is madness.  For me this is makes up for Chosen CSM losing their ability to outflank.  The shear amount of possibilities and combinations is mind boggling.

Drkmorals: I am hoping that all the books have a version of specific warlord traits. Other than that this table is fine, it has pretty solid things that can be helpful but isn't really reliable.  I know Lantz doesn't like the Fear option but I find it interesting that it’s an ability that doesn't work on marines, when everything else in this book is so anti MEQ. 

Daemon Weapon
Lantz: This highly controversial special rule from back in the day and even now hasn't changed too much. The only change is on a roll of 1, in addition to stabbing yourself in the face, you're WS1 until the end of the phase instead of not being able to attack which makes this item a little more handy.

HOTpanda: I know a lot of minions of Chaos are screaming havoc into the warp about the lack of Daemon Weapons in this rendition of the unholy tomb.  Our warriors of annihilation may have a lost a few of their precious Daemon Blades but what they do have left makes up for their inability to keep a grip on their weapons.  The Black Mace is one of those arcane tools of death that no one is going to want to pass up on.  Any model that feels the bite of this weapon must take a toughness test from which they can be granted a one way ticket with the Ferryman of Hades.  On top of that if one such ride is given out the the Ferryman wants to make the most of his trip so all enemy models within 3" of the warrior wielding it must also make a spin on the wheel of toughness.

Drkmorals: Just like always rolling a one sucks, while you still get a inv save, and FNP if you have them, you are now WS 1 so anything in combat with you now hits you on 3’s and you will most likely need a 5+ which is better than nothing but nerfs you in combat. These weapons still fall inline with the fact this codex appears to be a very Anti MEQ; since 3-6 extra ap 3 attacks will murder squads of marines, that you may also have hatred against. 

Veterans of the Long War
Lantz: A fluff rule if I ever saw one, yet it's also something everyone will take more often than not. Hatred (Space Marines) and +1 to Ld for typically either 1pt per model or 5pts for HQs. It's not something you'll always use for single matches, but for continuous play like tournaments, it's a steal.

Drkmorals: This rule is so fluffy yet decent on the tabletop, this is what game designing should be. It shows that the older chapters know what’s up and sets them apart a bit from the newer chapters of Chaos, fluff wise. Plus who doesn't want extra leadership. If you are a tourney player having Hatred for every Marine match up you run into can't hurt you at all.

Mark of Khorne
Lantz: With 6th Edition came the changing of rules we all knew and hated. The prime example is Rage; previously a henderence, Rage has become a want for every melee-based unit, and Khorne's got it. Tack on Counter-attack and you've got a nasty combination of damned if you do/damned if you don't for your enemies.

Drkmorals: Counter attack is nice in terms of options; ask any Space Wolf player. Rage means if you lose a few numbers getting there you are still going to do some solid damage.

Mark of Nurgle
Lantz: No change, and still one of the better Marks in the bunch as, like Tzeentch it gets used in shooting and close combat.

HOTpanda: By no change he means your warriors are going to be getting a bloated plus one to their toughness.  With pretty much any and every non-vehicle model being able to benefit from any mark I think we will be seeing a lot more of Tallyman fighting alongside the Warriors of Chaos.

DrkmoralsPlus one toughness means that you can bump several units up to toughness 6 helping make you more immune to instant death or you can take other units up to toughness 5 making you more immune to small arms fire. However, with rate of fire being the general direction of 6th edition, I wouldn't put too much stock in toughness 5 being a game changer you can rely on.

Mark of Tzeentch
Lantz: This one actually got a little worse. You still get the +1 to your invulnerable save, but if a model takes this mark and they didn't previously have an invulnerable save, they get a 6+ invuln instead of a 5+.

Drkmorals: This is going to be seen on characters more often than anything else. Giving you a bonus to your inv save only helps you if you already have one and if you think buying a 6++ is a awesome deal, I have a vacuum I would like to sell you.

Mark of Slaanesh
Lantz: Once again, no change. Though I will note that as a huge Slaanesh fan (as if you couldn't tell from the pink), I'm disappointed to see Slaanesh rules still so confused. A shooting-based God on the tabletop still feels the need to boost a stat that's typically only viable in close combat. It's nice to have the one-up on MEQ units, but it doesn't amount to much unless you're built for it. I'll get into this later in the series.

Drkmorals: Being able to strike before other people is always a good thing in combat.
With the second day of Chaos behind us now I urge each and every one of you to strike first and slaughter whoever is standing next to you. For with out each and everyone of you killing in the name of a the various Dark Gods, there cannot be Chaos.  So share the blood that you spill with us by writing a comment or two with it.  'Til next time we bid you farewell and Daemonic Immortality.

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