Wednesday, October 31, 2012

12 Days Of Chaos Part 12: Conclusions

On the twelfth day of Chaos my true God's gifted to me
Twelve Champions Mutating, 
Eleven Cult Sacrificing, Ten Zombies Moaning, Nine Daemons Possessing, Eight Marines Screaming, Seven Skulls Exploding, Six Slayers Slaying, Five Strange Things, Four Chaos Lords, Three Tyrants, Two Chaos Marks and Daemonic Immortality

Drkmorals: At the end of the journey my initial impression is that the book isn't overly different from the last book. If you have noticed Lantz talking about “how If you liked X before you most likely still do”.  That’s because so much of this book is the same. The Evil wheel of Chaos wasn't reinvented by any means. If you have been a devoted servant of the Darkness you might be a little annoyed at the changes to your book. Specifically leadership, and how the older units worked in general. What it really looks like is the book got an update, not a revamp. Point’s costs have been adjusted and the flexibility to build any style or theme has been granted. All of this just to allow you to field the forces of Chaos that were out of your reach in the last edition by increasing their performance.

They added new units, and some flavourful rules to bring Chaos inline with 6th edition. Expect Typhus to be the new Coteaz if you haven’t heard that already. Nurgle got a boost and Typhus allows you to take a solid HQ while opening up a great cheap troop option in a codex.  Slaanesh got boost as well, and expect to see plenty of Noise marines screaming on the table. The Codex is solid enough but nothing jumps out as over powered or greatly underpriced points wise. I feel like this is a book designed to be played with Allies in mind. The book alone is never as strong as it can be with Allies, which I hope isn’t the direction of all 6th edition books. Allies had been in mind when the book was designed since they noted that the Elites can only be made troops when the HQ choice is in the primary attachment.  so no sneaking in a few units of Plague marines with your other armies as a troop choice. I look forward to seeing Chaos on the tables, and variety of army types is never a bad thing.
Lantz: I must admit my opinion has changed quickly on a few things. The more batreps I see using CSM and the single game that I've gotten in, obvious opinions have quickly swayed which happens pretty damn constantly in this game (anyone remember the "tourney players'" rants about how the new Necron codex was the worst thing they had ever seen? Yeah, me too.).

So first of all, I think the Heldrake is a bit better than I thought. Specifically with the Baleflamer. The reason why is sniping. As a few sources have pointed out, a Heldrake can fly around to the back of a unit of infantry, put the Baleflamer's template wherever he/she so pleases and take out those guys that are trying to hide in the back of the unit with S6 AP3. Unless they're terminators, you've killed exactly what you want. Another unit I think a little more of is the Maulerfiend, though it's a skeptical optimism. I'm starting to hear more and more murmurs about these guys and after looking it over again I'm starting to understand the reasoning. These things are fast and have their pseudo-whip coils, but the key is that they're on a very large base meaning more enemy models are going to be touching your base reducing their WS. Another unit that I already liked, but feel it's almost a must-have is Spawn. MoS or MoN these things and armour save or not they're pretty scary. I've heard they're the "Necron Wraiths of the CSM dex." While I don't feel that strongly about it, they still look a lot better than I had previously thought.

So what do I think less of? Unfortunately, Chosen. Priced out, they're just a bit overpriced to me. Yes, people are sore about losing Infiltrate, but I'm looking at this from a current standpoint. Load out your Havocs with similar special weaponry to the Chosen and you'll see what I'm talking about. I'll still use them, myself, but it's unfortunate these guys took such a dive in points efficiency. Another unit I think a little less of is Khorne Berzerkers. Yes, I felt they got worse from the last edition already, but take a minute to crunch the numbers for a Noise Marine squad kitted out for melee and tell me you Khorne players aren't a little pissed off.

Overall I'm a little less pleased with the book than I was, and for the reasons Drkmorals already pointed out. Everything that was in the book before is still here and really didn't change much. There are new units, but most of them aren't worth taking. I do think you'll have more fun with this dex if you're playing a friendly game, but tournament players aren't going to see much of a difference from the last edition and will all end up taking zombies and nurgle units coupled with Epidemius. I still love the book, don't get me wrong. I think I was just wanting a little more out of it.
HOTpanda: The Eye of Terror pulsates as it's tendrils stretch out across the galaxy.  Casting a dark luminous shadow over the Imperium, thousands flock to Dark Gods.  With promises of a new age, a dark age of blood and war, many are enticed to sell their souls.  The gift of mutation enticing both cultist and Chaos Space Marines alike.  At the apex of a brave new world the followers of the Dark Gods stand on the cusp of greatness.  Leading from the cutting edge of their swords they stand to take full advantage of the rules set out before them.  An age where hordes of zombies stagger across a battlefield that is littered with the entrails of Plague Marines.  Heldrakes blacken the sky with their monstrous outlines while the earth below are scorched with their baleflame breath.  Streaking from the darkness of the enemies flanks Chaos Bikers slaughter countless imperial soldiers with ease.  This is their time.  The Age of Chaos is now upon us.


  1. I have to strongly disagree about Epi being the dominant combo tourney players will use. Its a gimmick list, plus zombies aren't affected by the tally. Getting 20 kills can be relatively easy, (although against deathwing or other elite armies its going to take forever), but you have to do it quickly enough that your hard hitting units get buffed, and simultaneously you have a bunch of points tied up in a unit with a 5+ (and FNP obviously), sporting a character that will get pasted in a challenge pretty handily. Epi will be a fun choice, but its my suspicion that tournament players are far more likely to use Daemons to bring in a bunch of screamers and flamers in, with minimized troops and hq to keep costs down. There isn't really room for those points being spent on tzeentch units in an Epi dependent list.

    I'm personally intrigued by the Typhus+Huron combo, allowing you to infiltrate Typhus with a unit of zombies, plus an additional unit of zombies into your opponent's turf.

  2. I've always been a huge Nurgle fan and just cannot pass up on the opportunity to use both Typhus and Epidemus. From my perspective marking cultist in the name of Nurgle is not going to contribute to the Tally Mans count. They just don't have enough weapons to reach and kill something. What zombies offer is a resilient cheap troop choice that you can use to bubble wrap HQ choices.

    As far as using Huron to infiltrate infantry units, there are far more effective infantry based units that you could and should be infiltrating than zombies.

    1. Don't get me wrong, I love nurgle (Although I don't really like Epidemus, I run a Great Unclean One as my allied HQ most of the time, love me cheap monstrous creatures), I'm just highly skeptical of the tournament community getting the reliability they want out of such a list.

      While I agree there are more effective infantry units to use with Huron, there is something cruel about putting 70 or 100 zombies down wherever you want. It can seriously clog up the board.

  3. Attach Typhus to a cultist blob, run them up the board into combat, set off Typhus's AP2 bomb. Friendly kills are counted as well as enemy ones for the Tallyman's tally.