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12 Days Of Chaos Part 10: Heavy Support

On the tenth day of Chaos my true God's gifted to me
Ten Zombies Moaning,
Nine Daemons Possessing, Eight Marines Screaming, Seven Skulls Exploding, Six Slayers Slaying, Five Strange Things, Four Chaos Lords, Three Tyrants, Two Chaos Marks and Daemonic Immortality

Lantz: The Forgefiend is Phil Kelly's answer to Psyfledreads to me, unfortunately it's a failed attempt. By comparison to Psyfledreads: Twice as many shots, not twin-linked and 12" less range, but has Pinning. The issue that comes up is the BS of 3 which will turn off a lot of competitive players from these guys and force them over to employ Havocs. If they allowed a third Hades Autocannon instead of a third Ectoplasma Cannon this unit would be back in business. Speaking of the Ectoplasma Cannon, it might have its place, but it's too early to tell. The saving grace with the Forgefiend ECs is the fact that this unit will ignore Shaken/Stunned allowing it to continue shooting blast weapons. The big downfall is the 24" range and the 200pt cost. Walkers are as weak as ever in 6th Edition and they want to stay away from the action in your backfield. A 24" range won't allow that.

HOTpanda: "Ahh, free! Me Grimlock, everybody free! But Dinobot Island in danger." Not sure when Chaos Space Marines started employingthe Dinobots but these models are bloody ridiculous. Honestly I could care less about Forgefiends and the Maulerfiends.  The models are ugly and the rules for them leave me wishing they had of stayed in fern gully. There are just more effective or less expensive models that can fill the same roles in this codex or others for that matter (allies).

Drkmorals: This is a shooting platform that falls a bit short. You can't take 3 Autocannons, so you are stuck with only two that aren't twin linked, at BS 3. So the Ectoplasma option is the better route. So what you are doing is fulfilling the same role as a Vindicator. The Vindicator does this cheaper, and with a better BS. So really you are paying for the 'it won't die' ability. You can take these if you like the model or if you just don't like a Vindy, I wouldn't personally recommend taking one initially though.
Lantz: I want to like this unit...I want to like this unit so much it hurts my heart a little... I believe all of its problems would be solved if it wasn't a Walker. There's a reason everyone is pulling away from mid/close-range Walkers; it's because they go down like a wet paper bag in 6th Edition due to close combat. Planting melta bombs, hitting back armour once Immobilized, wrecking from Glances, etc. Walkers just can't compete in the close combat world. This thing is very effective at taking out buildings and vehicles and has some tricks for infantry, but anything that can hit back won't have any more of an issue than they do with Dreadnaughts. The points cost isn't bad, but there are better units to do your close combat for you.

HOTpanda: "Me Grimlock no like you!"

Drkmorals: If you are going to take one of the new models I feel like this guy wins over. He moves 12 inches a turn, and ignores terrain. However he can swap his magma nonsense for lash tendrils so that everyone in base with him gets a -2 attacks.  So if you get the charge most things are not attacking you back, if they charge you most units are getting maybe one attack off each. Meaning this could be a nice tarpit unit. Annoying to anything that isn't fearless when you run them down after they auto wiff against you in combat. Could be a interesting unit to play around with.
Lantz: Finally, Skyfire missiles are present and the months-old question of "Do I have to pay for these or are they free lolololol?" is answered. Havocs' main role in the 6th Edition will be taking out Flyers depending on your local meta, but is dedicated Flyer-killing units really a good idea? Yes and no. The thought process is 5 Havocs, 4 Missile Launchers, 4 Flakk Missile upgrades. What I really think people should be thinking about is a mix like 5 Havocs, 2 Autocannons, 2 Missile Launchers, 2 Flakk Missile upgrades. This allows you to take out Flyers 1-2 Missiles hitting and maybe 1 Autocannon hitting, but also allows Havocs some use should they eliminate the Flyer threat. A couple of these units for under 150pts is a steal in my book.

Drkmorals: I think we will see Havoc's often on the table but not like people initially thought. If you are taking Chaos Marine allies then Havocs with missiles to get that skyfire option is a nice utility unit. Something several other books should consider to help beef up their anti-air. If you are taking a pure Chaos army or Chaos as your primary force I don't feel that is the right direction. I think the missiles are over priced in that situation and you should be looking at taking other weapons and dealing with flyers with your own flyer or with allies from another book. I would guess autocannons to be the normal load out in Chaos forces.

HOTpanda: Ironclad in their ability to provide a wide array of heavy weaponry this unit will be dominating the other heavy hitters.  While most Warlords will be leaning heavy on them for their ability to provide anti-air support to their brothers I do see a small group using them for their specialty weapons.  Having the ability to take four meltas, flamers or plasmas guns is an interesting option when you consider their cost.  They are cheap as hell and could provide an alternative to Chosen who are significantly more expensive then these knights of destruction.

Lantz: Obliterators haven't changed much in the new book. They've gotten worse in respect to a lowered Leadership and they can no longer choose to shoot the same weapon twice in a row. On the other hand they've gotten a lot better in respect to the fact that they're 5pts cheaper, they can now take Marks and they've been given the option of the Assault Cannon and Heavy Flamer in their arsenal. In my opinion they've gotten better. Yes, no two weapons in a row is annoying, but if you want to kill infantry you've got 3+ options. If you want to kill vehicles long range you've got 2+ options. If you want to kill vehicles close up, you've got 2+ options. The addition of two more weapons to choose from really fixes any issue I would have had with this unit.

HOTpanda: Arcane priest of mars, bloated and infused with the warp. Their armour and weapons now an extension of the mangled bodies of flesh and metal.  These Daemons are essentially mobile fire support bases. Slow and purposeful in their movement they continue to fire one of their many weapons after another.  Once bunkered down into solid cover these fiends of Chaos are next to impossible to dislodge.  With them now being able to mark themselves to one of the four gods they are even more robust and dangerous than before.  Toughness 5 no problem grab a mark of Nurgle while Tzeentch will give them a hearty 4+ invulnerable save.  To help combat their inability to fire the same weapon twice, use not one but two separate squads of Obliterators.  Try to interlock their arcs of fire so they can switch back and forth amongst two targets.

Drkmorals: Losing fearless is a pain on this unit since the last thing you want is a couple 70 point models running off the board randomly. Again another unit not allowed to overwatch. However this unit is still pretty solid plus everyone already owns these that played Chaos before. So expect to see them with the Mark of Nurgle to get away from instant Death and fulfilling the same style role they have been doing in the past.
Lantz: A long time favorite with a lot of folks, but I don't see it as a popular choice anymore. This thing appears to have Monolith syndrome as there are just too many other units in the book that can do what it does for better and cheaper. It does have Daemonforge, It Will Not Die and a 5+ Invulnerable save, but 195 points is just too much in my book for something that fears a single Lascannon. Essentially, I think of this thing as a more expensive non-flying Heldrake. Knock the Defiler down to 170pts as well, and give it back Smoke Launchers and I'd consider fielding it.

HOTpanda: Chained icon branded cultist these Machines of Mars imprison various Daemons of the Warp.  Twisted and corroded with the stain of Chaos these ad-hoc beast of war unleash the destruction of the warp across the battlefields of the galaxy. This are the memories of old when I was such a cultist.  Now the Defiler has had its' ability to have a fourth powerfist.  This is significant since when you fire the BattleCannon, its' main weapon, you cannot fire any other weapon.   The inclusion of Daemonforge,  It will Not Die and its' invulnerable save mean that its former low cost of 150pts has been raised to 195pts.  Are the three additional rules worth the extra points?  Time will only be able to tell this tale but I personally feel that I will be relishing memories of new about my Defiler.

Drkmorals: I think this unit merits testing before you just ignore it. It has 4Hp's and it will not die, and a inv save it may surprise you on the field. Again a great unit to consider taking Lasher Tendrils on although I don't think it can take 2 of them like the Mauler. I think if your going to field this bad boy you want this to be a shooting platform more than a assaulty one adding some support fire to your forces.

Lantz: It has 4 Hull Points? *flip flip flip* Well what do ya' know! I see a bit more in this unit than I did before. And yes, GW and the rest of the world; a single Hull Point is that important.

Chaos Land Raider, Vindicator and Predator
Lantz: These three haven't changed much from the last version which is a serious bummer. The Land Raider is 10pts more expensive, has the same rules as before with no sponson options. The Vindicator is 5pts cheaper, but no longer comes with a Dozer Blade stock. The Predator is 5pts more expensive, but has weapon options that are 10-20pts cheaper than the previous codex. The change for these three is their access to the Chaos Vehicle Equipment list. The Dirge Caster seems like an obvious choice for any vehicle that's not in the backfield to me, and with a 5pt cost it's a cheap purchase. Daemonic Possession gets a little more tricky with a small chance to kill off your own dudes, but has more benefits than downside depending. 15pts seems a little steep for this option, but I think it has merit depending on the unit (Predators want this). Warpflame Gargoyles seems like a crap-upgrade for anyone who's done the math on Soul Blaze, but with a 5pt cost, a Dakka-Pred may opt-in for it. Destroyer Blades give Chaos an Ork-like vehicle option and while I can't wait to see the conversions done for this upgrade, it will only get taken by those who use Tank Shock often.

HOTpanda: The Dirge Caster is significant vehicle upgrade that should be taken seriously for any Chaos Warlord.  These foul audio devices unleash the horrific sounds of death and agony onto any enemy units within 6"enemy; thus preventing them from providing "overwatch".  With the enemy no longer being able to shoot at your assaulting units you will be able to keep the odds of success on your side of the battlefield.  What makes this such a valuable weapon is its' low cost.

Drkmorals: The Vindy now has access to the Siege Shield and for a mere 10 points you pass all terrain tests so you WILL NOT get stuck driving over rocks; randomly ruining your day. That is a nice upgrade and the Dirge casters are nice, but not a need. Something worthy if you have some points left over but don't feel like they are a must have always on everything. The best vehicle upgrades are still searchlights, and dozerblades since they bring reliability to your units.

HOTpanda: Arrayed with a variety of warp infused machines and marines one can expect to be overloaded with a heavy decision on what to take.  A dark impeding storm to any foe that attempts to bear down on the Dark Gods.  Machines of old and new alike; scattered across the battlefield they unleash their arcane weapons of destruction in their names.

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