Saturday, October 20, 2012

12 Days Of Chaos (Part 1)

On the first day of Chaos, my true God's granted me
Daemonic Immortality

HOTpanda: An eternity of servitude to Dark Gods is what is what the gift of Daemonic Immortality means to a Champion of Chaos.  Once achieved even death itself is without respite.  For the members of the Standard Template Construct we all long for one of the Dark Gods to gaze down upon us.  To further not only our on selfish cause but Chaos' as well we have decided to honour the release of the new testament of Chaos with the Twelve Days of Chaos.  Over the next twelve days we will delve into the filth encrusted pages of the Bible of Chaos.  We will devolve our darkest thoughts, secrets and ambitions.  All in an attempt to decipher, interpret and spread the foul words of Chaos.  Without further ado lets begin our climb over the mountains of bloated corpses so that the Gods can smile down upon us all.

Lantz: Finally! After all this time of playing against/with a codex that was lackluster compared to what it could/should have been, we're gifted with this beautiful codex. So what's in here, exactly? Aside from the fact that this is the first 6th Edition codex, the first hardback 40k codex and the first full-color codex, this book breathes new life into the Chaos Space Marines. A much needed breath indeed.
Totaling twelve new units from the last book and a ridiculous amount of new wargear, spells and rules; the Chaos Space Marines of 6th Edition seem to be off to a good start. But what feel do we get? 4th Edition CSMs were...not terribly different from Imperial Space Marines. The whole concept of "Chaos" was just a deflated word slapped onto a make-shift codex with little effort put in to set it apart from their Imperial counterpart. This time around, however, there's all manner of chaos in this book including dragons, half machine/half organism war engines, melee-based counterparts to Obliterators, the first D66 table, psyker powers for each Chaos god (except Khorne of course), new FOC choices, the first set of codex-specific Warlord traits; the list goes on and on.

While all of the shiny new toys are definitely catching a gleam in many an eye, it's also important to recognize that this codex, the first of 6th, sets the tone for the future of 40k. A lot of whining was had when the BYB came out with a large portion of special rules that just didn't exist anywhere. Many failed to see what GW was planning; a template and a good one at that. Why create Armourbane? Why define Split Fire? Why include Two-Handed?  The short answer; uniformity and organization.

GW created 6th Edition with the future in mind (finally.) From their master list of special rules filling up twelve pages of the BYB, authors are able to pick and choose items they want/need for their codices without writing a novel for each unit. And the Chaos Space Marines are the first verification of this process. This book is very clean, direct, and aside from the monstrous amount of tables and charts, very compact and easy to follow. Rules that only existed in the BYB are now in-play, and it's these rules that help create extremely unique units without filling up numerous pages of overlapping definitions. The point I'm trying to make here is that this book is good. Damn good. It's up there with the uniqueness of the Necrons. Half way into the rules you can see it plain as day. The Chaos Space Marines are no longer Space Marines with spikes, they're a genre all their own.
Drkmorals: Those in service of the husk of a long dead “god man” that sits upon that golden throne truly have hit an era where all shall be tested. We just saw a strong non Imperial release from GW as the ancient robots sleeping quietly on several tomb worlds emerged. They unearthed with several upgrades so to speak as they show a new found intelligence no one saw coming and also with a strong codex of rules to make them viable on the table top. The tourney scene has had several lists that flex night fight all game, or an entire necron airforce. The Chaos book comes to those long patient players and is a reward for those who suffered through the last version of this book. It appears though that this book is striving to again do justice to a range both with new models, new units, and new rules that any follower of the darkness will tell you is long overdue. It is nice to see some non Imperial armies getting some attention and become more viable.

The book really makes Chaos stand on its own and give it its own playstyle instead of feeling like spikey marines of the last edition that are hindered by the lack of marine tech, the new book they appear to finally embrace the darkness and abuse the access to the forbidden powers and arts. Something again that has been a long time coming, but also we get a glimpse of the direction as a game we are going. We get the D66 chart which is a new mechanic and is very interesting in how it was broken down. Something Ork players should pay attention to since they in the past are the Random book this may be a hint at things to come. We get special pysker tables that work just like the table in the new rule book instead of having a list of powers you can choose from you still have to roll on your fancy chart. Is this the direction we can expect all powers to go from now on? We also see special chaos Warlord Traits again in line with what the rule book has going on and I would bet this is the direction of all new books in the future. 
HOTpanda: With the tomb of Chaos now embowed with Daemonic Immortality one can only assume to see thousands up thousands of cultist flocking to worship the Dark Gods.  Each and everyone of them senselessly murdering whoever is standing next to them.  Sacrificing all of their humanity for but a smirk from one of the foul gods of Chaos.  A few of these madmen will slaughter their way to the pinnacle of a bloody masterpiece.  An artist who's medium is cemented in flesh and blood.  Over the next twelve days the Standard Template Construct will be celebrating the release of the new Chaos bible with the "Twelve Days of Chaos".  Each day immortalizing the various warriors that serve the Dark Gods.  We invite all of you to join us in this consecration; just don't be surprised when it's you lying dead on the the Alter of Ataxia. 


  1. D66 tables!? What is this, 1987?

    JK, sounds really awesome.

    1. Psh, in '87 they'd have scoffed at a D66, they used D100 (All thanks to doomrider droping off a big bag of bogata bollion at the manchester office)