Monday, September 10, 2012

Updates from the workbench - Death Corp and a bar

Always plenty of things in the pipe when it comes to painting, I'll just focus on a couple today.  First we have a few of the newer body swaps from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  Legs, heads, and rebreathers for Imperial Guard.  Then I'll show off a not yet complete bit of fortification that was easy to put together.  Oh yeah, and seeing as there is that new gunslinger rule...

Oh, to start off, I want to apologize for the crappy photos.  Nowhere to set up a light box or tripod at the moment so these are off my phone and modelling light.

The Man with the golden plasmaguns

With the new gunslinger rule and the fact an IG company commander can take two plasma pistols...  How could I resist.  And then I figured a matched pair like this would be kept in a large, velvet lined box and would of course be gold.  So there we have a nice an overcosted, near suicidal dose of awesome.

It ain't half hot mum

The Death Corps are up next.  Well OK, maybe not Death Corps but some damn nice upgrades to your IG from .


There are several head options available, I went with the WW2 allied style.  Lots of lovely detail on these, down even to the filter material in the respirator cartridges.  Coupled with the great coat legs they really pull the feel of the guardsmen away from the Cadian standard.  The rebreathers, while not something that would really go with a cartridge respirator, add a good look to the minis.  Anyone looking to get some new IG units, or maybe pick up some as allies, these can give you some very distinct miniatures.

The Unicorn bar and grill

And last up we have the not quite finished Ork fortification.  Originally it was going to be the Ork take on an Imperial Bastion, but since then has become an Ork bar and grill.  Has the same rules and effect as a bastion but also sells what passes for bacon sandwiches to an ork.

This was made entirely from left over sprues, plasticard and some spare bits.  I built the basic frame first, using an empty box to keep it straight will the glue dries.  I then added some additional spars made of thick pasticard to give it some strength.  Once this was all set it came down to adding wall pieces and detail.  One issue with fortifications is where things go.  You need an entrance, fire slits and emplaced weapons (but not weapon emplacements - really GW, you couldn't have come up with a better name).   I actually moved things around a bit as the bastion description said things were suggested, rather than set in stone.  This ended up with, 2 heavy bolters (well, the Ork equivalent) and 2 fire slits on the front;  a heavy bolter, 2 fire slits, and an access point on the sides;  an access point an a fire slit on the rear.  Lastly, I added a hatch and hoist as two ways of accessing the roof.  Feels like everything is covered.


As you can see it is in huge need of detailing/weathering, just really base coated at the moment so looks a bit garish.  Oh and I figured the Deathstrike would be a nice addition.  At least until some Ork Tankbustas have too much to drink.  I'll be glad to get it finished as its already seen table time and I want it to look great.  Plus it means it won't be out all the time for my wife and our housemate to walk by and say "Hey, how's the doll house coming along?"


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  1. I like the manticore missile in the wall. Classic.