Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Updates from the Work Bench - Grey Knight Half Helmet Conversion

As I surf the inter webs randomly and check out the "must read articles" my servo skull feeds bring back to me so I can stay in the loop of things as well as stay inspired. I sometime run across things that are oddly right on par with exactly what I am doing at the moment.. For example. I have been building GK's nothing special about that, tons of people are building GK's, some of them are building them as you read this. Actually it is entirely possible that some of you are building while you are reading this.

Anyway I have been testing running Terminators in my GK army since with the new edition of rules shake up the style of list I was using before doesn't really mesh as well any longer. When this article on FTW caught my eye about converting GK terminators. Here is the link to article if you haven't read it yet I'll wait here
while you catch up.

It's not really a how to article more of a "Look What I did" type post. however it was cool so I did what all men do when we see something cool on t.v. or in a movie. I decided to try it out. Actually it was random and having seen the post as I was actually building the models I decided I would give this a shot to maybe give my Models another reason to stand out a bit. 

Ron is one of those guys that's a modelling pimp ninja level 77 grand master or some nonsense. He has been doing this awhile so he knows what he is doing. What I am saying is you should take it with a grain of salt if he says. "this should be easy with the newer plastic kits" What he means is I did this awesome model when it was all metal and it was difficulty level "Heresy", so its clearly not that hard now.

So I set out to try to duplicate this effect, and I did, but it was a PITA. Maybe my "hobby fu" is lower than average or something, but I cut up plastic all the time for various things and I would not describe this as beginner level by any means personally. 

Let's take a look though.

So I was able to pull it off and the picture doesn't do it justice but I was in a hurry. I opted to also go around the edge of the mod area with some liquid green stuff to make sure there was no cracks or lines that you could see at all. I still need to go back and smooth it out just a bit as you can see in a closer picture. 

Once the green stuff is smoothed it will have turned out well. However some things to note, this takes a bit of patience, as you have to cut away the front part of the mask to replace with the exposed head, then you also have to cut away all but this part of the head as well. I am sure this is much easier than doing it with metal but having to make these cuts on small roundish plastic bitz was annoying to say the least. Also to make the conversion work correctly you are going to need to file the bitz to match as close as you can.. Then to really sell the correct scale you are going to need to file the head down a bit to make it look correct in the helmet. 

Over all I was happy with the conversion and felt that I pulled off the same type of result as the post had inspired me to do, but then I got to thinking.. Instead of a exposed half face with the helmet in the back what about something more like this guy.

Some of you know this guy as Bane while some of you will recognize him as Deckard Cain, but the point is he has this whole face mask thing going on without the helmet on top at all. So I wanted to try for this instead cutting away the top half of the helmet and merging it with a exposed head as we did above.

This conversion was slightly easier to pull off for several reasons but has a completely different final effect I feel. Some things to note that don't jump out at you right away is the head is larger than before now. Because of the bulky armor the fact the head is rather large doesn't jump out at everyone right away. It doesn't come across as cartoon large I mean I know some guys with larger heads so its not insane or anything, but it is most likely not exactly scale at this point. However being a GW product it might be fine this way. You will have to still file down both the parts for a flush fit, and you will have to file down the exposed head itself to make it look correct just as before. Also you will need to cut off the stub or neck part of the bit to make it fit correctly since its that much larger now. You won't notice once it is glued into place though so don't worry about that. Again I am in favor of some liquid Green stuff at this stage to really blend it together. I have a very small amount on this as well though it is hard to see. 

I was torn on which version I liked better initially, I was concerned with the scale however my wife and her friend stopped by to check on what type of tiny toy soldier I was making and they commented that they both honestly liked the second type of conversion better. They stated that while they may not be "in the know" or be able to comment on scale that they both felt the larger heads looked better and more natural with the larger armor. 

I have decided that both ways while a bit of a pain, aren't so bad as long as you don't try to do several at one time. So I will be randomly using both version on all my terminators as I move forward.

As always thoughts, questions, or comments are more than welcome. 

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  1. Love it.
    You're absolutely right about the conversion though, it can be a little tedious handling the tiny head while you try and file away at it so it matches up with the helmet. Patience is the key.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Kewl little conversion you have done up here. Adds a flavour that remind me of tiger tale icecream.