Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Necron Ever-Living Markers

A long time ago, I found a bunch of the for 40k on the cheap including the sprue they originally came on and bought seven or eight of them. The plan was to use them all as crystals with basing my army, but it never quite looked right to me. So the other day I was looking at my Reanimation Protocol marker comparing them to my Ever-Living markers and admittedly my Ever-Living markers were losing the cool-looking competition. So I decided to use the sprue from a ways back to spice things up. More after the jump.

It's a very simple process, but something anyone can do to make things more interesting for their 'crons. First, take some of the template sprue.

Use a mini-miter saw and get some angles in on the sprue to start.

Also either include a slanted or flat edge for the base to be glued to.

Experiment with what looks right to you. Some of these crystals have just one cut into the top of them, some have up to four. It's all about what look you want.

Glue those suckers in-place where you like and I personally used some circuit board-looking icons from as well.

Finally, I added some rocks as a final touch. Voila! Unique and great-looking Ever-Living markers any Overlord would love to be brought to death to become!

Until next time.

For the Phaeron!


  1. Excellent. Simple, very effective and very cool looking.

  2. Thanks to you both. It's a nice way to liven up some Necron bases. Wish I had done this back when I started the army.