Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mariner's Blight Army Overview Part 2

For Part 2 of my maritime inspired Lovecraftian Chaos Marine Army overview, I'm focusing on the 4 tanks created thus far. 2 Rhinos, A Predator and a Vindicator

Mariners Blight is a maritime inspired Lovecraftian Chaos Marine Army combining inspiration from  as well as the Cthulhu mythos with 1800's style diving suits and nautical details.

Each Tank started it's life as an old MKII Tank kit with extensive detail reworking and additions.

Aside from the normal Chaos tank panel additions, I've added Baneblade engine exhausts to replace the old engine stacks and lots of valve seals and airlocks for that submarine look as well as Harpoon Launchers on the Rhinos. Extra armor plating, tow hooks and ladders completed the look. 

The Dozerblades on the Vindicator are from  and the heads are  .

The paint scheme was done in the same fashion as the troops, seen here in this tutorial and the decals I had custom printed from . I airbrushed the green OSL for an additional eeriness effect.

MKII Predator

MKII Rhinos

MKII Vindicator

Overall I'm pleased with how they came out and the final tank for the army is in the works a heavily modified Proteus Land Raider :)


  1. In all absolute honesty, this is one of the coolest and best-executed armies I've ever seen. Monster tip o' the cap to you, sir. Fantastic work and great theme.

  2. Seriously a wonderfully executed idea from start to current update. Beautifully painted and gorgeous on the eye. Bravo.

  3. My god, did you intentionally design this army for my tastes? I just put together 2 old Mk ii predators, I was short on parts (I had 1 each of the autocannon and lascannon turrets and 1 set of the metal sponson), so I set about building my own parts:

    I'm not done yet (there are a lot of rivets to add to those sponsons for example) and the painting is rudimentary (I've got a tourney saturday that is the army's painted debut, so I have been rushing to get everything ready), but I'm happy to have the converting portion done (for now at least). I even built a proteus for the army:

    My plan is to set it up as a crusader, weapon's wise.

    I'm seriously excited to see more from this army.