Monday, September 3, 2012

Malleus Inquisitor complete

The order of the hammer is the exact translation of this order from high gothic, but often times they are also called demon hunters. The Ordo Malleus is considered one of the oldest and most ancient arms of the Inquisition that was created by the decree of the Emperor prior to his internment and ascension to the Golden Throne of Terra. 

I set out to find a use for this great model like I said in the past and what I ended up with was a great flex model on the table top. I have used this as a INQ, as another Terminator, and even as a Grand Master. It is always nice to have flexible models in your collection depending on what type of list you are running. 

The base is from sciber and is painted with several layers of grey, with reds and browns mixed in for aging and finally some dheneb stone. The desert is painted to match the rest of my army and I believe is the same formula they used for the Armageddon campaign some time back. 

 You can see on the back and the front the armor has been painted to look aged. As you get closer to the model you can really see the fading into a more scratched up silver from the golden bronze on the edges. It gives the model a ton of detail as you get closer to it, I used the same type of result on Coteaz, and I plan to do something close on the henchmen units in the army as well.

One of the best features of this model is the fantastic shield. I kept this area very clean, and didn't do anything overly fancy just painted it to match the model and really just let the sculpt speak for itself. You can see the small skulls from this angle on the base just another small detail that really drew me to these bases. 

I just finished three Chimera's for the army as well. I wanted to continue with the red and gold theme which is really different from what we normally see chimera's painted like in WD's and in my local area. I also dislike the small las guns sticking out of the back of the model so I went through and covered up those holes with conversions on all the models. Normally this would be easy but I hate having more than one model that is exactly the same if I can help it. 

The small port covers really give the look of battlefield repair work being done. The small covers bolted on plus the gas cans just really came out great. To get the small covers to come out right I had to really shave down that part of the model with a razor blade then some quick filling. A very quick and easy mod though.

After doing the top one I wanted this one to look like it was made this way on purpose. Special order for some extra armor to cover the las gun sponsons across the back. This one came out very clean and if I am feeling froggy later I can always do some free hand on these panels now. 

This used the same mod concept only this time I wanted to put the ammo cans on the model. The black really stands out and again I added some gas cans to really make it feel more realistic to me. This tends to be the tank that gets the most comments out of the three. Having them all a little different also makes keeping track of the units inside a little easier for my opponents I have found.

The dozer blades are my favorite part of the model, I feel like they look completely different with the blades than without and I prefer the model with the blades. It really gives the odd little tank some character. I wanted the dozers to show more wear than the rest of the model since they are plow through land, ruins, and the fallen enemy on a regular basis. I painted some caution style lines as a contrast to the rest of the model. I wanted all the lines a little different in design and size as the men responsible for maintenance would be doing these on the fly and in the field like with the metal plates I mentioned above.  

Thanks for stopping by as always comments or questions are welcome. Stay tuned more to come.

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  1. Very nice - Dozerblades look really good, fits very well with the weathering on the rest of the fuselage.

    1. Thanks sir took me awhile to decide what direction to go with the dozers. I am pleased with how they turned out.

  2. Very nice. I love the tanks, but most of all the base runes on the inquisitor.

    1. Thanks OST I have several of these bases I really like how they turned out. I don't plan on doing all the units but maybe once I have a solid list all the justicars or something? Perhaps just mix them randomly in to the army?

  3. That Inquisitor is the best use of that Boarding Marine I've seen to date. Really impressed with how he looks.

    1. Thanks Dai, I had him for a long time because I think he is a pretty cool model but couldn't figure out a use for him.