Saturday, September 29, 2012

Games Day UK 2012 - AridMonks day out!!

 Well as you may have heard, Games Day UK has been and gone, bringing with it a whole host of new rumours, confirmations and kick ass models. Join me as I take you through my big day out, as well as a roundup of all the days news!

Sunday 23rd September
8.15am: I arrive at the NEC, Birmingham. I stagger off the coach, bleary eyed and desperate for a pee. I start to head into the main doors, and join the queue for Golden Demon registration.

8.40am: After getting halfway through the queue, forgetting and then remembering I am still desperate for a pee, I sign my models in then sprint for the bathroom.

8.50am: I join the early access queue into the NEC for Golden Demon competitors, chatting idly with other hobbyists from around the world, most of whom are looking forward to seeing what Forge World has to offer.

9.10am: I get to the Golden Demon cabinets, hand over my entries, and then mosey on over to speak to some of the sculptors and painters from 'Eavy Metal. Most were a little nervous I think, I was probably the first one to pounce on them that day, and so they weren't all that responsive.

9.30am: I start to head over to the gaming hall, but thats closed until 10am, so instead I head over to the Armis on Parade stand, where the first of the entries are starting to come in. I saw this awesome Ogres table, and mark that one out for a closer look later.

10am: I finally find the Forge World team, hidden away under the alcove in the main hall, and have a long chat to Phil Stutcinskas, designer of many of the Space Marine armour kits, lots of the armoured vehicles that Forge World has to offer, and Imperial Armour Model Masterclass volume 1+2 (which have been a massive inspiration to me and my modelling, and you should definately aim to pick up). I then take a long look at some of the Horus Heresy kits, deciding that the fellblade is kick ass, and take a look at the new necron kits due in the new year.

Abaddon vs Loken. SQUEEEE

11.10am: I take a wander through the gaming hall, checking out some of the amazing gaming boards they had on display this year and head through to the sales hall where I am greeted by the biggest queue ever.

11.40am: I join the queue for forge world, which stretches all the way around the massive hall, and must contain 500+ people. I am in for a long wait to try and get my hands on my Horus Heresy book!!

1pm (yes seriously): I get to the front of the queue and grab my Horus Heresy book and Angron. I then contemplate trying to grab Pariah from the Black Library stand, but one look at that queue quickly dispelled that idea!!

1.15pm: I grab my entries back from the Golden Demon (more on that in a later post)

1.30pm: LUNCH!!

2pm: I get a ticket and go into the second Forge World seminar of the day. Tony Cottrell and Alan Bligh talk us through the upcoming Horus Heresy book, which will be based on the first part of the Istvaan V campaign, and be called 'Massacre' - including Iron hands, Salamanders, Night Lords and Word Bearers!! WOO!!
Also mentioned and teased were some new Mechanicus units, the Thallax, Sons of Horus Justearin, some new Land Raider variants. All of which are kickass!!

3pm: After the seminar is finished, I head down to the Warhammer Forge table, and chat to Keith Robertson and Steve Whitehead, who are showing off some artwork and models from the first Warhammer Forge book, and the new one, and I speak to them about some methods of sculpting. This is one of the reasons I enjoy games day so much, you can ask them questions pertaining to your personal needs, and get them to show you what they would do in your cicumstances!

Kdaii Destroyer by Steve Whitehead

3.45pm: I head into the tiered seating and watch the golden demon award winners getting their trophies. I never managaged to get any photos on the day (the photos above have been taken from other sources), but the GW photos do not do it justice.

4pm: I clamber back onto the bus, and head north once more to bleary Scotland.

And thats it! Stay tuned for some details on my own GD entries, as well as a little bit on the Secret Weapon miniatures products that i used on them!

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