Friday, August 17, 2012

New 6th Edition Starter Box!

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The leaks just keep on coming, this time from , but once again via 4chan which is really for the 40k world. This pretty much solidifies any doubt that the starter box for 6th Edition is not only out this/next month, but also that the models are beyond anything GW has committed to a starter set in previous editions. Want more pics? Join me after the break.

I personally have been planning a Slaanesh CSM army for almost two years now. These models only solidify my decision to pursue this new army once the new CSM codex hits.

Until next time!


  1. I really like most everything in the hellbrute detailing except that 1 oafy looking foot with the toes. That's corny, but easily replaceable.

    The Chosen are sick, especially for simplier starter box figures :)

    The Cultists are my main thing. I'm gonna have days of fun building loads of variations and personalizing them :D

  2. The Cultists have so many options for so many armies with a little work. Opens so many doors!