Monday, August 20, 2012


I'm not dead! Just haven't been in the 40k mode for a few months. But I'm back to finish some Blight!

Step 1:
After Spraying the model Black, lay down a coat of Vallejo Rust, followed by Vallejo Sandy Brown in a splotchy uneven pattern. Then Mix Vallejo Sandy Brown with Vallejo FIre Red and spray one more splotchy layer.

Step 2:
After letting the rust layer dry fully, spray the model with a coat of clear matte (I use Vallejo cause I'm a Vallejo Product Whore). Then spray the model with hairspray and sprinkle salt on it.

Step 3:
Spray the entire model evenly with Vallejo Pale Green. 

Step 4:
This is where the fun begins. I sprayed the entire model with a thinned coat of green The thinned coat will not crackle much at all…but it will overlay a zenithal lighting effect on the green. I then took a brush and applied heavy coats of the crackle paint to larger sections of armor. NOW THAT CRACKLED.

Step 5:
After drying, remove all the salt with a heavy brush and warm water. Let it dry over night.

Step 6:
At this point the model is looking pretty weathered, but it could use na extra kick to amplify the crackle effect. I sprayed the entire model with a very thinned wash of. After drying I sprayed a super thin coat of , and then a final super thin coat of .

And BOOM! Decades of decay in 2 days.

I'm very excited about how this army is going to look in the end. More to come soon :)

Multiple Examples of Finished Minis

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