Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bitz and pieces from Cool Mini

I've always been aware of Cool Mini, they looked like a good company and had some very nice stuff.  I just had never got around to actually ordering anything from them.
Well, OK, that isn't true.  I was in on the kickstarter for Zombicide so got a copy of that coming sometime, and I've been playing Super Dungeon Explore with my kids.  What I meant was I hadn't ordered any miniatures.  To correct that shortcoming I ordered a selection from a few manufactures through their site.  This will be a relatively short post, but worth sharing in case anyone else is looking around for some bits to add to their armies.

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I got these two for painting rather than playing, and plan on spending a decent amount of time working on them.  Both models are very nicely done, but not perfect.  On the Lucky model there is some mold line issues on one foot that will need to be filled, and a small air bubble in the skirt.  With the Abigale model there is an ridiculous amount of detail for such a small model, but it does hit the limit of what the material is capable of.  It needed a hot water bath to straighten things out for one.  The bigger issue is that the resin is so thin in a few places you can see light through it.  Additionally, the scope fell off and will need to be glued in place.  Don't get me wrong, I really like the model and look forward to working on it, its just a very delicate piece.

The Abigale piece is from Cool Mini themselves, the Lucky piece is from Dark Age.  I wouldn't hesitate to get more from either manufacturer.

These are the disappointment of the order.  From MicroArtStudio, they look good on the site and some cloth wrapped Space Marine legs would be very nice for upgrading a few units.  The problem is their scaling is off.  As you can see by the terminator legs I put in for scale, these guys are way too big.  Maybe if you had a whole 'true scale' thing going and were rescaling the rest of the body too?  I'll try them on some terminators, but really not sure how well they will work, and they are useless for regular marines, far too big.  Secondly, the detail on them is average.  Nothing wrong, and perfect casting, but not something that jumps of the shelf and says 'hey look at me'.  So, the legs from MicroArtStudio I'm not that impressed with.  I'll give them another go at some point no doubt, but I'll be paying a lot more attention.

These guys have potential but will need some work.  Nicely done and relatively clean they have really good detail and I like the cooling fans on the back.  My two issues are the set size of 8 is odd as most of the time you are going to want 10.  Secondly, the bottom is convex rather that the concave we are all used to.  As a result, using these with regular marines is going to need a bit of work with the bone saw to get them to fit.  They have a few different varieties so if you want your marines looking nicely different and don't mind the extra bit of work, these could be a good choice.  From Scibor miniatures.

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OK, saving the best for last.  These three models, also from Scibor, are amazing.  A ton of detail, clean casts, good poses.  Really, no complaints, these guys are setting the standard here.  I ordered one set of weapons with these, the others will just get armed (literally) from regular marine bits.  They are perfectly scaled for other 28mm games and would make fantastic commanders and similar, or even veteran squads if you get a set.  Highly impressed with these and I'm now looking for an excuse to maybe get some more.

Very happy with my order in general, even if I'm not sure what to do with the oversize legs.   Top marks to the rest though, particularly Scibor's minis.


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  1. Thanks for this! I was wondering about Scribor but being in Canada they can be pricey for shipping and customs so I wasn't wiling to risk it. Knowing what you know now I may take the plunge next time I need a good centrepiece to convert.