Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Who the $%&# is LuckyNo.5?

I'm Ron aka LuckyNo.5, I've been floating around the internet for quite some time in both sci-fi and wargame modeling circles.

About 10 years ago my roommate at the time introduced me to 40k. It was an instant love for me as I am sci-fi geek by nature. Now about $40k later I'm still very much in love with the game system and the models despite all the naysayers and new competition out there.

Most people would recognize me for my Dark Eldar and Chaos Conversion work as well as my terrain which has been published in a

My Current Project is a Maritime Inspired Lovecraftian Chaos Marine Army, Mariners Blight:

I also have a not so frequently updated Star Trek Modelling blog Tyken's Rift

Aside from 40K and Trek Modelling, I'm a Graphic Deisgner by trade. Here's a few of my Wargame related designs including the STC Mascot.

Standard Template Construct

I like to think that I'm constantly improving as a painter, scratch builder/converter and have been getting more experimental with sculpting & casting. I'm excited for what we have planned here at STC. Look out for big things in the near future!


  1. Hope all is well Ron. Glad to see even more content out of you and the rest of the gang... Always fun to see and read about what the masters of the armory of constructing next!

  2. Your Maritime Inspired Lovecraftian Chaos Marine Army, Mariners Blight has given me the bends. Absolutely sick!!!

  3. Splendid Ron, I haven't seen that Terminator before, the little diorama is amazing! Can't wait to see more of the Mariners!

  4. Very cool! Bunch of truly talented modelers/painters/bloggers involved in this new endeavor. I look forward to reading!