Thursday, July 12, 2012

Who the $%&# is Lantz?

I guess this is where we begin our journey into the realm of tabletop. Hello, my name is Lantz and I'm an addict...of plastic little toys. For those of you who don't know me I've been around the blog-world for a few years spreading my charm all over the internets. My blog history consists of co-writing for , , , guest-writing and competing in HOP Idol 2011 on and a couple of appearances on podcast. What I assume most of you will recognize my name from is the creation and maintaining of my . So where did I come from, what am I planning for the future and how will I contribute to STC? Join me after the jump.

My humble nerdy beginnings started with video games admittedly, and it was an important step to get to the point I'm at currently. Through my time with computer-based killing and whatnot I gained an affinity for sci-fi which slowly grew into a love for the grim-dark, steam punk and gothic subdivisions of the genre.
I Also Love Kitties

From that point I had my first experience with PnP games in the form of Vampire: The Masquerade, which I thoroughly enjoyed. From there I tried out some other PnP games which always seemed to start and end the same way. Nothing horrible, just the fact that these games would end due to real-life circumstances or lack of commitment left a bad taste in my mouth. I very much enjoyed using my brain as the processor for my gaming experiences, but I wanted something that would stick.

Other than the ladies.

Fast forward a couple of years and enter my technology-based employment alongside fellow nerds/geeks. Talk of Warhammer 40k was drifting around the office and while I had heard of 40k before, I never fully understood what all was involved. So I jumped into research mode; story, characters, gameplay, etc. were at my fingertips. Enter the brick wall:
Witnessing Games Workshop's price tags for the first time... Well, I wish someone had taken a picture of my face right at that moment. Being a pretty frugal spender I wasn't about to drop the kind of doh required to get involved in the hobby. So I let it go, simple as that, until one fateful day I was murdered.

The Culprit

My friends who were already involved in the hobby bought a set of Black Reach for the Ork contents and offered the Space Marines to me. What a fool I was, but I didn't know. I was clueless; ignorant. Needless to say they had hooked me in. As I mentioned, I'm a frugal spender and what better way to entrap someone like myself than with free expensive stuff I'm already interested in?

From that day forth I was in the 40k world, never to look back. I've dabbled in a few other games friends have wanted me to try, but my game is 40k and I continue to delve deeper with each game. So where did I start? As I said I was gifted a Space Marine force that eventually grew into over 10,000 points due to not really understanding what was good and what wasn't combined with experimentation on the battlefield. Eventually, I learned the ins and outs of Space Marines and eventually got bored with the codex. Next I switched to Eldar and built up a pretty good sized army, but I was never really taken with it and eventually sold this army off as well only to start the army that interested me the most from the beginning.
Necrons always held a special place for me. Since our gaming group already had two players with Necron forces, though, I kept deciding against them. But building up and getting bored with two armies was enough wasted time for me. Third time should be the charm and boy was it. Necrons have caught and held my interest through the last few years and continue to do so with their new rules. I am forever a robot-zombie fan.

And speaking of automatons, during the dead center of 5th Edition I started work on a fandex for the Adeptus Mechanicus after reading Titanicus by Dan Abnett and truly being inspired. "Why isn't this a playable army," I asked myself. So I began work on an answer.
For two years I worked frivolously to create rules that met my expectations for the AdMech. During its creation I recruited several writers, partners and numerous playtesters to work out the bugs and doll-up the book over three editions. You can find a copy over at my and check it out for yourself. It's something I'm extremely proud of, though it's far from complete. The project was put on hold after the third edition came out and rumors of 6th Edition started peering out. The project, in my mind and scribbled on notepads here and there, is still ongoing. Though no real work will begin until I fully comprehend 6th Edition and can push ideas out that fit with the new rules.

So that brings us to the present and how I will be contributing to STC. Currently I'm writing more than I usually do, mostly thanks to 40k's 6th Edition (there's so much to discuss!) For this blog I will be providing tutorials on conversions, discussions on rules, writing product reviews and pushing out strategies to help my fellow gamer. And I suppose anything else I can come up with.
Including Copious Amounts Of Wit

I'll be your jack of all trades here at STC and hope you'll enjoy what I have to share.

Our journey begins here.


  1. Love it man, can't wait to see how you adapt the AdMech fandex you built for 6th ed and I am really looking forward to seeing more of your necrons and necron articles, the ones on TLA have been a great read!

  2. The fandex has always been awesome and is getting better...what about a Dark Mechanicus supplement for it? Eh Eh? :)

  3. The Necrons have me all kinds of excited. I was downright giddy with the new dex, and 6th Ed breathes so much more than there already was into the codex. So many more units are better because of it.

    And the AdMech currently do have an HQ that's Dark AdMech and a Religious Faction on p17 for the Dark AdMech that were both included in Version 3 for those that wanted to play their Dark AdMech armies. Rest assured, there will be more ways to differentiate from the Imperial AdMech in Version 4. =)