Saturday, July 14, 2012

Who the $%&# is Citizensmith?

 I'm another of the magnificent 7.  Well, 7 at the moment, that number is subject to change depending on the tides.  Been in The Hobby™ for quite a while, just not consistently.  And yes, definitely have a case of Shiny Thing syndrome, that doesn't really help.  Anyway, I'm here because...

Games Workshop suck at crowd control.   

I got into gaming as a teenager, before Rogue Trader even existed.  So when I saw that this cool new game was arriving I persuaded my dad to get up at the ass crack of dawn and drive half way across town to pick up a copy on release day.  First 100 copies were free and we were about 70 in line.  Except lots of people were holding for friends or just pushing in and the GW staff just watched like uncaring statues.  I still bought a copy, but a lot less of the chunks of lead alloy that went with the game.  Being on an allowance meant I had to consider every last purchase.

At university I got a job at the local GW store.  A manager, an assistant manager and me, the part timer who filled in the gaps.  It was awesome.  They had huge staff discounts and a great community.  I did get in trouble once when myself and a customer didn’t recognize Gary Chalk, one of GW’s game designers, and were maybe described BattleCars, one of his games, as some kind of waste of time.  This was a different GW back then though.  For one thing they still sold D&D games alongside their own products.  And they still made you feel they loved games more than money.

I dropped out of gaming after university to live with a Californian woman who is neither blond nor a surfer.  We had kids.  Kids that liked YuGiOh.  It turns out there are YuGiOh tournaments at a store near us, the fantastic , and I took my kids in there so they could play.  I probably know now a little of what an alcoholic feels like after hitting the bottle again.  I walked in to the gaming room and was hit by the smell of citadel paint.  And gamer funk, but mostly citadel paint.  Having failed several saving throws I ended up with an IG sentinel a few paints and brushes.  I was a happy dork.  There were flyers scattered around for some guy, Justin something or other, who was doing a painting class for people unashamed of their dorkiness.

I showed up to the class and I think my fate, or at least the fate of a percent of my income, was sealed.  The weird painting dude was the most excellent of who does a great job of making people feel welcome.  I’ve made a lot of good friends, probably spent too much money, and really been happy to be a tiny part of the new gaming community with my own blog , previously writing for MWC , and now here.

What I do now is mostly have fun gluing plastic together (or gluing my fingers to metal pieces) painting, and loosing the occasional game.   What I'll be writing about is conversion work, and basic modelling and painting.  Maybe the occasional article on loosing games with style.



  1. First to comment on and most excellent intro! I know ill enjoy all of your upcoming posts!!

  2. I'm loving the collection of classic artwork you have in your post. Excellent stuff :)

  3. Great artwork choices! But I gotta ask, what is the Octo-surfing Luchador from!?