Monday, July 30, 2012

GK Strike Squad

Though I have been using the GK codex for some time now my main focus has been learning to play the army more than anything else. Testing out units and lists trying to hammer out what style of army I want to play in the long run. I did do a design/scheme with several mods and such. (incomplete pictures have been posted on various models as I tinker on my blog in the past) However I honestly got the army to table top quality for Adepticon and now is my first chance to actually go back and do the army justice. What follows is the first complete unit in the army a 10 man Strike Squad.

 I may go back and add some pigment to the legs to help blend the bases and show more dirt to give it that realistic feel, but aside from that these are done. More to come.. stay tuned.

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  1. Very Nice, Love those power weapons!

    1. Going to do a quick how to tutorial on the power swords by request of a friend of mine in the near future.

  2. These look great. As well as reminding me how far behind I am on painting mine.