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A Farewell to 5th

As we sift through the new rule book pondering, weak and weary, over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore. Trying to grasp the intricacies of the new rule book like a teenage boy studying a super model poster, Lest we forget while looking at the new Shit, the long hard road that got us here.

We all travelled the lonely road of 5th but it’s the only one we knew, but at the end of what any Nid players will call a boulevard of broken dreams we have a new edition. But like many of you out there I was unable to jump head first into the new rules right away because I still had one final event using the dusty tomes of old.

Each of us have a story about our last game or games of 5th edition, this is mine. You think you know… but you have no idea.

My final day of 5th edition was spent at a IA event in OH called Buckeye Battles.  A local annual event where you can bring your now only slightly more pricey crack out for a spin. I don’t have any IA books or FW stuff really so I just took a normal 1850 henchman list. More information on the event can be found .

  My list roughly was

Coteaz, INQ in termy armor with cannon, 2 melta henchmen squads, 2 plasma henchmen squads, 1 DCA squad in a rhino, 10 strike squad marines 2 cannons and a hammer, 2 units of 5 purifiers, 3 dreads. It was all mech with 3 chimmy, 4 psyback razors, and a rhino. (plus the dreads of course) I don’t think the list in detail is important since I will be changing it for 6th and 5th edition is basically over lol.

Some shots of the armies that showed up first


My First game was against another GK player with a odd list. Something he was trying for fun and hadn’t really played but one time before. It was basically Draigo, Libby, 3 5 man paladin squads, and 3 dreads.  It was a KP denial list and just another spin on the popular paladin style army. A little low on support but it was a test list being played for fun.

The game was a 3 objective game but really they only gave you 250 VPs if you held them. The person at the end of the game with the most VP’s would win, so basically it’s a kill the other guy mission for the most part. Especially given the type of list he has.

It was a odd mash up since my list puts out torrent of fire, and can put out enough to kill of Paladins depending on how its played. He hunkered down in the middle close to two of the objectives and I basically stayed back surrounded him and shot. Moment of the game.. I felt bad for my opponent because at one point he went to use his Libby to Vortex of doom, then ended up with a perils result not only taking a wound, but also then putting the template over himself. Wounded and killed the two paladins next to him. If that wasn't bad enough I am pretty sure he failed his leadership check and ran to boot. The game went to turn 5 before the last man standing Draigo ever defiant cursed in the direction of Coteaz calling him a traitor as he lost his last wound to a hail of gunfire. This was honestly the first time in all of 5th edition that I have killed Draigo during a tourney game. I ended up tabling the other player he was a great guy to chat with and joke around. I always hope that when a game ends so lop sided he didn't have a horrible time. (don't mind my army its unfinished lol)


I matched up against Black Templars kind of a mixed bag of a army. It was more shooty than assaulty and had a few IA toys mixed in. A Land Raider Achilles, Contemptor Dread, and the IA pod to put the Dread in. The mission was another VP mission that rewarded you for having units un harmed at the end. I could have full reserved and done very well but I wanted to throw dice and shoot things. These are my last games of 5th after all. So I deployed and we made a game of it...

Actually two things happened so honestly it wasn't much of a game.. First off it was basically a city fight board, so LOS was iffy at best lots of hiding places and lots of cover. Second it appears that Draigo's dying task was to curse my dice. I rolled pretty badly... I couldn't kill two speeders turn one even with three dreads with twin linking... I ended up losing this game horribly. I know that people blame dice and sometimes you can read that and roll your eyes but it was sad face bad.  He dropped his IA fancy dread of I LOOK COOL right in the middle of my lines. I then spent my turn shooting my entire army at it and doing nothing... Yep melta squad, Plasma squads, two twin linked dreads, two squads of purifiers, and my strike squad with INQ all shot at it, and I didn't do a thing to it. It flexed at me and gave me the finger. I then charged it with the Strike squad to kill it off.. Proceeded to only pen once and roll a one. Lost combat, failed my leadership and basically ran off the table. Then to make it worse the next turn was a repeat of me shooting my entire army at it again and having to charge it with a purifier squad to kill the thing. I wasn't upset really though it was so insanely awful it was funny. by turn four I was pretty far behind the power curve and shook his hand and gave him the win. I didn't have enough left at that point to fight back. Sometimes the bones fall that way.. Oh well. 


I was paired up with a fluffy NID list. I don't know anything about the NID fluffy so I took his word for it. It was just a bunch of random MC's to me. He said it wasn't a overly tough army compared to what he would normally field and then basically lined it up on his deployment zone line.  From memory it was
3 fex's, unit of genestealers, unit of gargoyles, trygon, swarmlord, rippers?, Harpy, 2 Hive guard. Something like that. 

He basically ran forward and I shot and backed up all game. Rinse and repeat. It would have been a better game but as my dice returned to somewhat average around the same time his went soooo cold. So we spent most the game talking about stuff and his buddy came by and talked trash to him because he was losing. Which as I type it sounds mean but it was funny and we all laughed while playing it out. In the end he had half a Genestealer squad left on the board which he cheered because I couldn't kill off and thus didn't table him. lol. 

I played three really great guys. I didn't win the event which had really cool plaques and a battle axe for a prize but it was a really great event to attend. The turn out was lower this year because of the edition change plus it fell on the same weekend as ATC. The space was really roomy and just about everyone I talked with pretty laid back. They gave free pizza and water to everyone who was playing in the event for lunch too! In fact I would say my only complaint would be terrain. The terrain was really lopsided one way or another on most tables. Either Dear god there is no where to hide just a few small bits of area, or Why are we fighting in downtown? Other than that small complaint I would say it was a solid event and I plan on trying to go back next year.

AS you can see my final hours spent with the fickle mistress we called 5th was three games of a good time. Plus I killed Draigo which always gives you a warm and fuzzy.  What was your last moment with 5th edition and did you have a "moment of the game?" Would love to hear in the comments. 

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